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controversial opinion: the writing in the first game was just as bad and dishonored has never had very good story in the first place and the criticism of the second game's poor writing is overblown. This is "justdishonoredthings" not "justhowmuchdishonored2sucksthings".

I can see where you’re coming from, but I don’t agree with you. In my opinion:

Compared to other AAA games at the time, DH1 contains basically one plot twist and that’s it (two if you count the prologue). The premise is very simple as well: you’re Corvo Attano, dishonored former Royal Protector to the Empress, and you need to rescue Emily. That’s it.

DH2, on the other hand, contains zero plot twists. You walk in the throne room, you get Dishonor’d!, you have to reclaim your throne. At no point does one of your new loyalist conspiracy betray you to the Duke. At no point are you sent adrift into the equivalent of the Flooded District with apparently no alilies and no gear.

Consider the underlying motivations for each game as well. Burrows pays Daud to eliminate Jessamine in order to prevent it being revealed that he started the rat plague in order to eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor. So DH1 is really about the abuse of power and class warfare.

On the other hand, Delilah deposes Emily and wants to take over the world and rewrite it in her image because she feels wronged and wants revenge for all the large and petty injustices she has experienced during her life. If we are to take her at her word and accept she is Euhorn Kaldwin’s illegitimate daughter, then she has suffered directly from the abuse of power, and that’s where her motivation comes from, but it isn’t what you deal with in the game - rather, the game is about her achieving her personal goals. It’s not really as detailed a background as in DH1.

If we were to compare DH1 and DH2 to some really well-written games - for example Portal 2 or The Witcher 3 or Bioshock - then yes both Dishonored games don’t have particularly stellar writing, and don’t really have very good story. But if we compare DH1 to DH2, DH1 is better.

About criticism - it’s perfectly possibly to criticise something while still enjoying it. 



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listen, at the end of the day the outsider is just a punk 15 year old who got murdered and made into a whale god so he can give depressed people void powers. he just wants to watch corvo eat rats. I can’t kill him