Jessamine’s spirit, peering out of the Heart: so what do you do around here? What’s your job?

The Outsider: well currently I’m deciding on who to mark next

Corvo: *drops through eighteen feet with his cloak billowing out behind him like a huge raven, lands on a guard to put him off-balance, and chokes him out before throwing the clockwork explosive on to Coldridge’s main gate*

The Outsider: …I think I’ve found him

Jessamine’s spirit: why am I slightly turned on right now


#FUCK Daud#I’ve never found him interesting#‘No One Should Have to Kill an Empress’#WELL THAT’S FUNNY BUD 'CAUSE GUESS WHAT YA DIDN’T#dishonored


the whole time he’s whining about it I’m like….. buddy……….. you….. you did it……. you didn’t have to do it but you did it…. you made that decision……

also he slaps her across the face and then shoots her like, wtf that’s so needlessly brutal

imagine being corvo F. attano (the F stands for Fucking) and you go to take a nap after escaping prison like the absolute maniac that you are and you wake up in the middle of some awful topsy turvy dream world that smells like fish and whatever Void also smells like and you’re greeted by ezra miller (outsider) dressed in gucci boots and a designer trench coat and leggings and he’s hanging upside down from a tree like “heeeeeeeey. how was prison” i would just lie down on the cold cold ground and go back to sleep