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Just a little set of Gif to my favourite anime , and also mi little darling <3

(I call her shiro , so im her ganta; aren’t we adorable?)



I will be your deadman 
With nothing but this blood on my hands 
Stuck in your wonderland 

I want to make you bleed just like me 
So make me your deadman 
With only poison in my veins 

Stuck in your wonderland 
Stagnated by the passivity 
I’m gonna make you bleed like me

One reason Fade

Anime: DeadMan Wonderland

I got bored today so I tried a #Shiro makeup look. I like her character more than I like #deadmanwonderland as a whole, it’s pretty brutal and the only reason I’m still watching is because I want to know more about her 😝. Not sure if I’d ever #cosplay her for real, white eyebrows don’t really suit me but it was fun to try out! #makeup