Instead of just spiders in the Fade...
  • Lavellan: Shadowy human figures carrying proverbial pitchforks and torches.
  • Mage Trevelyan: Flaming Templars wilding tranquil brands.
  • Templar Trevelyan: Abominations in Templar armor.
  • Addar: A Qunari re-educator.
  • Mage Addar: An Avaarad with a control rod.
  • Cadash: Darkspawn.

after 10 trillion years later, I have finally finished a simple task.

anyway, I gonna be printing these as holographic stickers at the end of the month! aaahhh I'm very excited! 

Eventually I will make Bethany, Caver and Sebastien. Maybe male and female hawke??? I’m not a really big fan of the defaults, plus I’m not really sure what class I would draw (maybe them dressed in the red housecoat??) but yeah def gonna be printing these guys ` v`