You know, now that Scanlan and Kaylie are on the road this is a great time to sneak them in as a cameo into a d&d campaign…

Your party meets two gnomes travelling on the road, one of which has an expensive-looking rapier at his side. He introduces himself (this is always a fake name, get creative).

Your party hits it off with them and they offer to share a campsite for the night. Your party agrees and begins to set up bedrolls when the gnome laughs and says “No no, friends, we’ll camp in style tonight, my treat.” and summons a glowing purple portal leading to a beautifully-adorned mansion.

He treats the party to dinner (chicken, of course) but states that there’s only the two bedrooms, but your party can camp in the foyer.

In the morning you part ways, wondering who the strange gnomes were. They’re certainly more powerful than they looked.

anonymous asked:

Calvin's been doing an Insta live stream and he said it's obvious who his fave boy band is (aka 1D) and that his fave 1D song is No Control. He also said Just Hold On, Strip That Down, and Slow Hands are all bangers and that he likes Harry's album :)

Anonymous said: Calvin ended his livestream, started another one where he had his guitar, started singing Sign of the times and then ended it again.

That’s nice. :)