im just thinking about lgbt critrole and how good it is,,

  • vax’ildan: canonly bisexual, explicitly confirmed using the word “bisexual” by liam two or three times now
  • vex’ahlia: hasn’t explicitly been referred to as bisexual but laura and the rest of the crew have p much lowkey confirmed it a couple of times (”‏@LauraBaileyVO: All these #CriticalRole ships… Vex needs to find herself a man. Or a woman. [wink emoji]” x) + marisha once said that “both twins hinted at that” when asked about vax’s bisexuality before liam explicitly used the word
  • scanlan: obviously a ladies’ man but wayyy back the fanboy vax knocked out said he knew scanlan from his “womanizing ways” and scanlan replied with “and men too–men too!” (x) and more recently there’s the a++ “i’ll pull my pants down for anyone!” line which i mean. panlan. i’d also argue that scanlan trying to impress gern reads like trying to impress a crush but LOL maybe im just projecting
  • percy: [points at every time percy ever spoke to kashaw] examples: (vax talking about how kash is attractive except for his eyes followed by percy interjecting with “it works quite well for me!”) (”i’ve had men and women telling me i’m incredible,” “you are very attractive!” “wow. that’s–wow–that’s two [men].”)
  • zahra: in the battle royale q&a mary said zahra was more interested in a connection to the heart than anything else and didn’t rule out some of zahra’s interractions with vex being flirty + that time she saw keyleth for the first time and told kash that keyleth was hot af
  • lillith: keyleth tells her that her name is “so pretty” and lillith thanks her and tells her that she’s pretty as well B)
  • kima&allura: matt literally has admitted he ships them, they live together in whitestone, and within seconds of seeing them meet for the first time every player got Lesbian Vibes off of them. incredible. @ matt pls explicitly confirm kimallura
  • gilmore: everybody’s favorite gay wizard. otp gilmore x happiness or gilmore x jarrett matt pls
  • j’mon sa ord: the canonly nonbinary ancient brass dragon who uses they/them pronouns and rules an empire and all our hearts