Hey guys, I remade my FWA 2015 con video! Much better quality, more footage, and even some captions and stuff! Go give it a thumbs up!

I got a new video editing software (thank god) so now I can make more videos for your enjoyment! (Be sure to watch in HD!)

A Message To All Smokers At Conventions

As of this moment, my friend is in the bathroom vomiting violently. She is severely asthmatic and was triggered by some who were smoking awfully close to the entrance to the convention center. I ask that you please consider asthmatics when you decide to go out and smoke, because some are worse than others, and nobody wants a hospital trip during con. Unless there is a designated area where you are, please keep a specific walkway clear so that it’s safe to people who are asthmatic or otherwise sensitive.

Nobody wants a hospital trip during con.