A month ago I was at a con and some lady had her 2 yo daughter there. Well two deadpools were walking down the hallway, one woman and one man, and the 2 yo went up and started inspecting their belts and stuff and both Deadpools stopped to let her do it. She looked at their belt items for 10 minutes, then stood in front of the guy and stared. He stared back for a while until she pointed to his chest. He seemed surprised for a moment, then pulled out a random banana under his arm.

She jumped up and down in excitement and ate the banana after her mom peeled it for her. Idk why I thought of this right now, but if that doesn’t describe Deadpool as a whole, I don’t know what does.

Next is the very menacing yellowdiamond ! Haha ^_^“ I really struggled to reproduce her helmet in perspective… I’m happy with the final result though and the values I’ve used VuV. Less than 2 weeks before the con!!!! I’m getting pretty nervous >_>” I gotta go to the printer to experiment with the different papers and sizes…