best absolute puppies  ⟷  werewolf pack AU verse

“ Alone ”

pairing: ot6 (daehyun focused)
words: 2300
summary: everyone knows Daehyun hates to be alone

Daehyun is lying sprawled out on the couch, comfortably dressed in sweatpants and a worn-out shirt. His eyes are on the TV, its low buzzing the only thing to be heard through the empty house, but he’s not even sure what show is on. His mind is elsewhere; out there in the night with his pack.

He’d heard them howl barely an hour ago—Yongguk first, and then the others followed. Daehyun’s heart had ached at the familiar sound, wanting to join in. He’d even had to put a hand to his mouth to keep himself from trying to howl in his human form. There’s been a lump in his throat since they left, and it’s only growing as more time passes. Swallowing around it hurts, the soreness reminding him of its presence, and Daehyun has to fight not to cry at how miserable he feels.

Sighing heavily, he curls himself into a ball in the farther end of the couch, resting his chin on one knee. Youngjae’s scent is all over his clothes, as they often share, and he tries to find comfort in that. Tries to convince himself that they’re all thinking of him, too. That the hunt is not the same without him; that their howl didn’t sound as good without his voice.

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B.A.P Reaction to -

You catching them staring at your clevage


Bap reaction when you catch them staring at your chest


He would be kind of embarrassed at first, but he would quickly get over it. After the embarrassment quickly washed over he would pull you into his arms.

“Jagi, you know how hot you are. How can I not look at you?”


When you caught him staring in the midst of a conversation, he would apologize. However it wouldn’t keep him from staring at your cleavage. 

“Sorry jagi my eyes, just, kind of, drifted.”


I feel he could go two ways; completely cocky, or completely flustered. It would honestly depend on the occasion. However when you caught him staring in front of the rest of the boys, he would awkwardly laugh it off.

“Jagiya, you know I would never do that.”


He wouldn’t even stop. He would keep on staring off in his own world. Once you snapped in his face, he’d look up giving you a smirk. 

“Oh were you talking babe?”


Honestly he’d get so flustered. He’d look up at you with an apologetic smile, constantly saying sorry. When you told him it was okay he’d still insist he was wrong. 

“You are really beautiful though jagi.”


He would be a little shocked/embarrassed that you caught him. But he would try to play it off. 

“Well you are my girlfriend after all. I can stare all I want.”

-Admins A & JC

B.A.P reaction to finding out their GF having an amazing singing voice.

He comes home and hears you singing along to a song you like while your folding laundry. He turns the music down…


*When he first walks in*

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Immediately picks up his phone and calls his manager

“Manager-hyung is the studio open right now?”


“We will be there in a second”

*Grabs your coat*

*Before you can even complain*

Ah ah ah, I don’t want to hear it jagi. We are sharing that beautiful voice with the world ASAP”

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*When he first walks in*

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“Why didn’t you tell me you could sing like that y/n?”

*You say because you were afraid he wouldn’t like it*

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*rests his hand on your cheek*

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“I love it. Just like I love you jagi”


*When he walks in*

*Instantly starts recording you*

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*Turns the camera to himself*

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*whispers to the camera* “That’s my girl”

*You ask him what he is doing*

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“Nothing” *Devious grin*

*Literally posts it everywhere*


*Stands in the doorway, in shock*

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*When you look up at him*

*Awkward Noodle can’t think of anything to say *

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*ten seconds later*

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“You sing beautifully jagi”


*When he walks in*

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*Claps and cheers*

*You stop looking up at him blushing*

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“Why’d you stop?”

*You go back to folding smiling to yourself*

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“I will be watching you jagi”


*When he walks in*

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*Fanboys Instantly*

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“So cute jagi”

*You call him a dork*

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“Fight me”


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Here is your second part. They are still children but will grow up eventually. My friends thought this one was cute.

-Admin Noot Noot

“How I Met Your Mother” (Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/Part 6/Part 7/Part 8/Part 9/Part 10/Part 11/Part 12)
Characters: Zelo/OC
Genre: Fluff
W/C: 595

“Take My Hand”

She often wandered off on her own as a child. She could never really focus on one thing for too long, which was why our mothers had asked me to make sure she got to her new school safely. The school wasn’t that far from our neighbourhood, so we were allowed to walk on our own. I just wished that I didn’t have to babysit her like this.

I would walk a couple steps and look behind me to see her gazing up at the clouds. I would catch her attention for only a few seconds before she went back into her own world.

“We’re going to be late for school,” I would whine. Mom had made it clear to me that attendance was important and I wanted to make it my grade school mission to arrive on time for every single day.

“I don’t want to go to school,” she had said, and I watched her crouch down to draw circles on the ground with her finger. “I won’t know anybody.”

I was still only a child back then, but seeing another child look as sad as she did broke my heart. I genuinely wished to do something for her then. I kneeled down in front of her, but then I got up to crouch since I didn’t want my school pants to get dirty. My mother has just washed them the night before.

I watched her draw imaginary drawings with her finger for a little while until I decided to join her.

“Your mom said you’re in my class right?” I had asked, and she nodded her head in response. “Well, you know me.”

“But you don’t like me,” she mumbled without looking up from the ground.

I was slightly surprised when she had said that. I didn’t know she had felt that way. I wasn’t the best at showing how I felt or talking to someone when I was younger, heck I’m still the same now, but I hadn’t thought that I had made her feel unwanted around me. It wasn’t something that would cross the mind of an eight year old then.

“I like you,” I told her.

“No you don’t. You’re a liar.”

“I’m not lying. I don’t not like you.”

“Liar,” she screamed and I covered my ears. “Stop lying. My mom told me not to bother you this morning.”

“She said that?”

She nodded her head and her lips were pouting as she mumbled again. “That means you don’t like me.”

“Well,” I looked back to the ground where her finger was still drawing, “I don’t think you bother me. Not really.”

“Are you telling the truth?” she looked up at me and asked. I smiled to reassure her and I think it was then I had started to feel something for her. In my childish mind, I thought her smile was the prettiest thing in the whole world. It made me happy just to see her happy. I didn’t think that was possible for someone at my age.

She stood up and began to walk down the path, only to stop halfway and look at me.

“I don’t know which way to go,” she said and I ran up to her.

“Just follow me,” I took her hand and led the way. Mom always said it was safer to hold hands when walking together. I felt her feeling my hand with both of hers and looked at her with puzzlement.

“Your hand is really soft,” she had giggled, and I nearly stumbled over my own two feet.