The 3rd House of Ideas, Communication & Writing

Third House in Aries
~ Writing Style: Always an active voice, declarative statements, kernel sentences, strong verbs. Straightforwardness, creativity, imagination, challenges to be won and rules to be broken. Personal approach. Vivid imagery. 
~ Author who shares this placement: J.K. Rowling

Third House in Taurus
~ Writing Style: Observant. Realistic approach. Critical about the values around them. Focus on the tangible, physical, material. Lyrical writing. Consistent ideas, evocative characters, dealing with luxury/wealth/success/hedonism.
~ Author who shares this placement: F Scott Fitzgerald

Third House in Gemini
~Writing Style: Free verse, loose prose, accompanying & recording the self’s mind. Ambiguity. Dialects, slangs, colloquialisms- varied forms of speech. Intellectual exploration, mental bonding. Pluralist views.
~ Author who shares this placement: Walt Whitman

Third House in Cancer
~Writing Style: Inner thoughts, the Psyche. “Domestic drama”. Historical examination while sharing deep insights into human nature, almost like a psychological analysis. 
~Author who shares this placement: Leo Tolstoy

Third House in Leo
 ~Writing Style: Opinionated, straightforward, visionary. Tendency to exaggerate to make a point. Over-examination of relationships around them. Dynamic mind actively seeking to understand/explain the environment the self is inserted in.
~Author who shares this placement: Aldous Huxley

Third House in Virgo
~Writing Style: Carefully constructed string of thought. Philosophical digging accompanied by a sophisticated use of irony. Deadpan humor, factual information, methodical & long sentences.
~Author who shares this placement: Franz Kafka

Third House in Libra
~Writing Style: An emphasis on the female character. Chaste simplicity and the beauty of words stringing together. “Refined, educated, precise and intricate”. Use of interconnected ideas instead of short, simplified sentences.
~Author who shares this placement: Charlotte Bronte

Third House in Scorpio
~Writing Style: Exploration of human’s psychology- struggling, evolving, growing. The unsolved, the unknown, the unseen. Sharp remarks, a clever pace, and a focus on dark subjects such as death.
~Author who shares this placement: Agatha Christie

Third House in Sagittarius
~Writing Style: Philosophical. Mostly, rambling. Fast rhythm, with sentences rushing across the pages. Spontaneous prose. An ecstatic embrace of the world and every possibility. 
~Author who shares this placement: Jack Kerouac 

Third House in Capricorn
~Writing Style: Sad, tragic or dark themes. Structured sentences, serious tones, focusing on the struggles and challenges of life…and death. 
~Author who shares this placement: Allan Poe

Third House in Aquarius
~Writing Style: Peculiar and unique. Interesting and inventive. Odd construction of sentences. A humorous style, sometimes parodical, other times satirical. Great use of one’s ability to think outside the box.
~Author who shares this placement: Lewis Carrol

Third House in Pisces
~Writing Style: Free-flowing ideas and concepts, sometimes contradictory and confusing, other times ingenious and mind-blowing. Mostly confessions or bits of self-examination, or a cry out for the underdog.
~Author who shares this placement: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Find your 3rd house placement | by Crystal Melbourne | Within the Zodiac 


How’s your writing going? Have you finished your book? What chapter are you up to? How many pages is it? How long do you think it will take to get it done? When do you think you’ll get it published? Are you even getting it published? Do you think I can get a signed copy? Do you get your own book for free or do you have to buy it? Do you think you’ll sell it in Barnes and Noble or will you have it as an ebook? Which kind of book do you think-


Tumblr writing aesthetic is really nice with its high quality photos of stylish cafes, lattes, and beautiful minimalist writing desks, but lets also take time to appreciate more realistic writing aesthetics. 

Mine is being fourteen years old, sitting on the floor taking shots of off-brand mountain dew to stay awake, and misspelling my main character’s first name as I approach the end of a fourteen hour writing marathon. 

Feel free to tag yours. 


Ever spent far longer than you’d care to admit writing a comment on someone’s fic? It could be just a simple compliment and yet it takes you 20 minutes to remember how to compliment someone and write it out. Then when you look at it you get this feeling of ‘oh god no this says I liked it but it doesn’t convey to the author just how much this fic has touched my heart!’. I know it seems ridiculous but these authors spend so much time creating such beautiful pieces of work and I can never find the right words to tell them how amazing they are. So to all the authors ,who I have had the joy of reading your work and to all of the authors who I have not had the pleasure of knowing just yet, thank you and you’re amazing.

anonymous asked:

Favorite authors??

this is a very hard question to answer because there are LOTS of incredible writers out there, so we’ve decided to name the ones we like but also feel are new and/ or super underrappreciated/underrated! this is not to mean the authors not on this list don’t deserve love and recognition because everyone does! 

Admin I:

  • hanjoooo (purple macarons) - i’m speechless? the writing is so emotive and raw, the build up of tension in the fics is just stunning. i highly recommend this author!
  • kaisoochateau (Heart on Your Sleeve, Running Home) - screams one of my favourite new writers!! i love the creativity, the descriptions and just, everything! guaranteed feels :>
  • hojichadust (The Third Path) - if hojichadust seNPAI doesn’t end up writing actual novels, then the sky isn’t fucking blue. suuuuuper underrated and underappreciated! 
  • xiseoks (Point Zero, Dust to Dust) - definitely the most underrated writer in all of ficdom imo, her talent is really unparalleled! some people are born to write, and xiseoks is one of those people c:
  • alicelittle (a rose by any name) - gorgeous writing like whoa, my jaw drops every time! the ongoing royal!au is just.. incredible 
  • minty-pixie (Mirrors) - another really amazing writer who deserves so much more love ;; more fun and lighthearted writing :>
  • at1stsight (Waxing and Waning: Two Moons) - relatively new writer, with super witty writing. the actual queen of non-au!
  • _ksps_ (The Good the Bad and the Fluffy) - really, really good fluff writer! just something i personally like, their kissing scenes? wow? i actually feel my toes curl!
  • whisperlucifer (Cosmic Fire) - so talented! the worldbuilding is so amazing!
  • crownjules (The Apocalypse Killed the Video Star) - THE QUEEN OF FLUFF!! every single one of her fics are amazing, and i treasure them a lot. GUARANTEED TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DAY and make you DIE bc of the tooth-rotting fluff. 
  • nignojmik (Dianthus Boy, priceless) - QUEEN OF FLUFF 2.0 also just, really gorgeous writing that will genuinely move you 
  • aistehtik (Goodbye to a World) - another super underrated author! her writing style is very unique, and it just flows like water (mixed with a lil magic glitter). truly insane talent *cries*

Admin O:  

  • indigomini - so creative but also that versatile kaisoo + everyone has a thing for kyungsoo’s bum help [also size queen!soo is snuck into every thing istg yessss]
  • at1stsight - the wit, i can’t. she’s also mini’s beta and i just, can i be the little sister who follows them around everywhere? THEY’RE WRITING A FIC TOGETHER DREAMS DO COME TRUE.
  • kaisoochateau - i love writing like this, it’s so comfortable and tangible, like i could reach out and touch sometimes. 
  • dokyan - the cute. help. i want to die drowning in this cute. bearnini and penguinsoo are my life.
  • hanjoooo - everything. all of it. this is what i live for. the feels. ㅠㅠ
  • Copperkitty359 - i feel like she should count, i know she has tons of subscribers now but i feel she’s still relatively new? or, am i just trying to find an excuse to tell everyone how much i love her. hmm. is she the first in this list i did that for? probably not.
  • jongdaesang - I JUST FOUND YOU AND I NEED YOU TO LET ME LOVE YOU FOREVER. oh god. every single fic. the characterization is so sweet, so precious. from the cute fluff, to the sexy strippers, to the beautiful gods, someone please help me i am in love. speaking of, anyone know where i can take a crash course on tagalog?
  • fanserviced - you. writer of Juice Pouch. where are you. let me write you love letters. let. me. i think the other admins know lots about you but you are new to me and i just asdfghjkl.
  • [also i’d marry flowergirl if 1. she’d have me and 2. ma chéri[e] wouldn’t kill me for it. 

i got progressively more wordy i’m so sorry. ㅠㅠ the longer we have this ask the longer my list gets asdfghjkl.

Admin R:  

  • Supervium - praise kink fic ended me and omg such amazing writing
  • johnwick - one of the best writers of our generation, tunnel vision is such a beautiful fic I highly rec. Also funny and cute and precious everyone needs to cuddle johnwick. 
  • kyungception -  has great fluffy and smutty fics, the perfect balance 
  • kairousels - I’ve read their space au like 50 times someone help me ;; such a quality author
  • Dyominateyou - topsoo central, what more could you need
  • InariChi - ok I literally love them so much?? all of their fics are amazing I want to cry. They’re not super underrated because SENPAI but they just need all the love and appreciation in the world ok everyone go read their fics please.
  • kaisoochateau - they’re everyones new fav author but omg it’s super well deserved. I love their Catfish fic so much I think about it all the time asnjnrfuthr also they seem like just the cutest person? I want to snuggle them ;;
  • _ksps_ - literally have the ability to suck you into a story and keep you there omg their writing is so addicting. Literally dying over the good the bad and the fluffy for days, one of my current fav fics.
  • unfinishedpages - omg ok admist antenuptials and elevator kisses took over my life ;; I pulled an all nighter reading it I couldn’t stop reading, it was everything I could ever want in a fic. I can’t wait for them to keep writing and growing and getting all the appreciation they deserve
  • CopperKitty359 - omg their kitty hybrid au is also one of my recent fav fics, like, I love it so much. Also the way they write is so perfect like how?? And they’re kinky hello let me love you.

Admin J:   

also look here for our favourite authors! we looooove them all very much ;u;

this is how you’ll make it.

Cry. Make it small, make it so loud the world can hear you, but don’t keep the pain in. Just let it all out by crying. Throw away those words that hurt you because whatever it says is not true. Ask your friends, family, or anyone who matters to you. Use it as a barricade. Replace the words that hurts with a more positive one. No you are not a waste, you are treasured. No you are not a failure, just a work in progress. Write it on the city walls. Live as if you are already those words you told yourself. Yes I am beautiful, I don’t need to be told twice. Yes I am brave, therefore I can do what I feared before. Eventually, those words who hurt you won’t matter anymore. Because who we are is who we believe we are, with the help of people who believe in who we are.

21st August - Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day

Since today’s the Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day, I’d like to make a little Appreciation post, dedicated to all of my favorite blogs.

Dee is obviously one of the best BTS Fanfiction authors out there, and I’m really fascinated by how basically every fanfiction she writes is a masterpiece. She really deserves as much recognition as possible. It’s also admirable how much she fights against plagiarism of fanfictions. Thanks for all your hard work, Dee!

The author of this blog writes fantastic scenarios and reactions, but I also really enjoy reading every one-shot. I sadly don’t know their name, or what to call them (hit me up tho, it’s cool making friends with other authors!). They recently went off to college, and I really wish them all the luck in the world!

Bambi hasn’t uploaded too many fanfictions, but OMG HER REACTIONS ARE AMAZING. Like seriously. I feel bad that I can’t write reactions that are as awesome as hers. Her reactions and her blog, in general, saved me from social interactions SO many times, and I’m seriously grateful for it. Thank you so much, Bambi!!

IS THIS WOMAN A GOD OR SOMETHING?! She covers SO many groups/fandoms, and fulfills her requests SUPER fast (heh, maybe I should too sorry not sorry I’m actually sorry SORRY). Like, I have requests in my inbox that are still super old, but I just haven’t gotten to writing it and it makes me feel horrible. This goddess writes up your dreams within the blink of an eye. Keep up the awesome work!!

This blog might be relatively new, just like mine tbvh, i’m a noob lol, her work is amazing! I love her work a lot. She has a creative mind and is as random and awkward as me. It’s cool seeing that there are also other authors as weird as me.

I legit appreciate every Author I find out there. Word’s can’t describe how happy I am to be part of this community. It’s incredibly admirable how everyone can balance out such great blogs and their life. (was that a real sentence? idk, it’s late af and my mind is decaying) I JUST REALLY LOVE EVERY SINGLE AUTHOR, OKAY. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

Authors 📚

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