anonymous asked:

do you think you could do like a modern dr isaacs/ alice gifset like if they were a couple? because i ship them in a different universe L0L plisss

Hello anon,

I’ll try to get back to you on the gifset as I’m still downloading sources to explore Alice in the other RE movies in case I might be able to use her scenes. Here’s a little something from having only RE: Extinction though:

“I don’t know why some Disney fans say they wish Alice stayed in Wonderland or Wendy in Neverland. Everyone they met in those places was mean to them. It wasn’t exactly the fun, magical adventure either of them had hoped for. If you ask me, Alice and Wendy were in their right minds to want to leave Wonderland and Neverland.”


Little Miss Alice managed to get *in* to the bookcase just fine, but then seemed perplexed as to how to get back out without making a mess. Then she remembered she was a cat, and therefore really didn’t give a damn. XD