<AC>> what do you mean whats with my ears?… theres nothing wrong with them…

and gross,you guys,i am not gonna flirt with my brother. 

<Sans>> are you talking to the voices or somethin’?… wait, did they tell you to flirt with me??? 

<AC>> yes. though who even are you guys and how in the world did you get in my head???? the dog noises was enough and now someone added peoples voices??? great.just great. oh and look,i’m melting- 





>enter command  

(to enter command add “>” or “//” in front | commands will not be accepted without them.)


  • me every time I see a post about animal crossing:I am an unfit mayor, I haven't played in weeks... months... I have let my villagers down, I have let my town down, and most of all I have let myself down

here you go, anon! this is so long overdue but here’s a guide on how to: make an “incredible themed” town! I hope this helps in some way, I worked pretty hard on it and tried to include as many details as possible. Keep in mind this is how I created my town and if you guys have a different way of doing things that’s fine too!

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