Chaos wasn’t the only thing rising in this episode.

AKA Stiles Du Jour: When Derek’s oh-so-subtle flirting ends with dinner and dessert being one delectable blur.

“Chaos Rising” Heroism

Last night I had someone argue that Scott didn’t earn his True Alpha status.  I think he earned a large part of it in “Chaos Rising” alone.  It didn’t stop him from still earning it throughout the season, but I just had to talk about it.

After Scott’s idea of using Deaton to get Isaac’s memories back worked and Stiles figured out the logistics of getting into the bank vault, Derek asks Scott for help.  Scott says “Yes” though he expresses reservations.

Why did he say yes?   Boyd wasn’t his responsibility.  He wasn’t pack.  He wasn’t family.  They weren’t friends.   Boyd had sat there and watched Scott being beat up in “Ice Pick” to try to give him a chance to refuse the bite, even though Boyd knew it was too late.   He said nothing.  Boyd attacked Scott when Scott tried to talk to Derek.   Boyd came with Derek and his pack to murder Lydia in Scott’s house.   Who was Boyd to him but nearly an enemy?

And let’s take the alpha pack.  Everyone knew by that point that Deucalion had arranged this.   He let Braeden rescue Isaac, because he wanted what was about to happen, happen (one of the few instances where the show displayed Deucalion’s ‘ten moves ahead’ skills).  

So Scott agreed to follow Derek, a person he didn’t trust, into a trap.   The show wanted us to make sure that we understood this, so they did that whole scene in the alleyway with ‘risk and reward.’  They even had Derek give Scott an out “And I won’t blame you if you don’t come with me.“

When they get into the vault, Stiles and Peter reveal the plot of the alphas over the  phone to him.  Scott sees the uncompleted mountain ash around the perimeter of the room.  He has plenty of time to get back into the ventilation shaft.  But he also sees that there is no way that Derek is going to leave Cora – whoever the hell Cora is; another person that means nothing to him – so he stays, because he’s not going to abandon Derek, no matter how antagonistic their relationship had been.

Every life has intrinsic value to Scott, and he’s willing to risk his life for that principle.   In this case, he got an intestine full of  Boyd’s claws because of it.

He could have died there for his principles, but he didn’t (because the show would have ended – people act like he’s not the main character, but also act as if heroism is pointless because he didn’t die).  This is one of the things that made him a candidate to be a True Alpha.