myedits: tony stark


Steve: I guess I have some um….favorites when I’m drawing anyone on the team. But I’ve kinda taken to staying in my studio so I do more non-team related work.

Carol: It’s fun to mess with him when he does though. We all know exactly who his favorite models are.

Tony is not an asshole (all of the time) 2k15.

Steve is not a delicate wilting flower (but he’s also not a ‘the rules are gospel’ hardass drone) 2k15.

Thor is not a pop tart obsessed idiot 2k15.

Bruce is not just the Hulk 2k15.

Natasha is not heartless or cold 2k15.

Clint Barton is not a macho action hero or a bumbling idiot 2k15. 

Oh My God ! So that’s how started !