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For Bitter Sunday maybe: Tony picks up a member for his new group, a mutant girl around Peter's age. Sarcastic, intelligent and talented. So very much like himself and the boys, it's almost as if they're one big family. She's an iron man fan from her childhood, with the merch and grades in school to prove it. When she meets the old team, well, let's say she is a found member of the Tony Stark defense squad for a reason.

Huh, here we go with another OC. For some reason they always have really short names. Idk why.

You have to understand, Gem isn’t particularly friendly to begin with. She’s not–smiley or open or affectionate, not even with the people she likes. And Steve Rogers decidedly is not one of those people. Part of the reason for her distaste, she’ll freely admit, is his appearance.

There was this guy back in middle school that never understood the meaning of the word ‘No’. He was what first got Gem into self-defence. He also convinced her to hate all blondes on principle. (On a side note, ever since she mentioned that Spiderman has been weirdly twitchy around her. The fuck is his problem?)

It doesn’t help that he fought Iron Man–though she’s willing to admit that her hero worship for her childhood hero is perhaps a tad unreasonable a justification for eternal hatred.

Suffice to say that doesn’t stop her.

Gem’s super mutant ability is…stones. Which sucks. She could’ve had something cool, like controlling fire or water but nooo, it just had to be stone. On the plus side, literally bringing the ceiling down on the suck-avengers is pretty fun. And having the ground swallow them. Tony forbids it (eventually), but by that point she just has to make it creak ominously whenever they say something she doesn’t like. Like insulting Mr T. Or making fun of Vampire Diaries.

The first time Gem meets Steve is a lot less violent than one might expect though. She’s sitting on the kitchen table, swinging her legs back and forth when the suck-avengers enter. Rogers first, as always.

Gem stares at him for a long moment–long enough to make it really uncomfortable–before she shrugs dismissively. “You look better in the pictures,” she comments offhandedly and that’s the only time that day she even acknowledges their existence.

The second time they interact, she walks in on Rogers and Mr T arguing in the common room. She doesn’t much care what it’s about, the important part is that they both look furious and Rogers is standing way too close. It’s the first–definitely not the last–time the ground swallows Rogers’ feet and keeps him stuck in place.

“Desperate much?” she wrinkles her nose. “Trying too hard is just a real’ nice description for harassment, dude. And restraining orders are still a thing, Mr T. You might wanna think about getting one.”

…their relationship doesn’t improve after that. That is to say Rogers’ and Gem’s relationship doesn’t. Mr T on the other hand is as awesome as ever. 

(Though Gem still hasn’t convinced him to get that restraining order.)

Tony: Why am I in a swim trunks?

Bucky: We’re in the tropics…

Tony: How did I get into the trunks, Barnes?

Bucky: Tony… I have been trained to disable a bomb in a padded jail cell with nothing but a Junior Mint and a tooth pick. I think I can get you in and out of some clothes without looking… I’m not saying that’s what I did.


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“Your first suit” your father said looking over your creation proudly. You swore he looked at if he was going to start crying. You never dreamed he’d be this emotional but it still made you happy all the same.

“Its possibly even better then your first suit” you stated with a grin.

“I built my whole i was held captive don’t get ahead of yourself”.
You held your breath to stiffen a laugh. There was your normal dear ol dad.

“Its still pretty good though right?”.

“Its fantastic” he said matter of factly, patting you on the shoulder “keep it up kiddo”.


Anthony’s Dreams

A continuation of Anthony meets Tony Which is a fic where Tony adopts a younger version of himself from an alternate reality

Anthony wakes up in a cold sweat. The room is big, as big as his room back at the mansion. He looks around it, squinting at the darkness, and sliding his legs out.

It’s not difficult to slide to the floor and go searching for Tony’s room. Tony who is nothing like Howard. Tony is kind, and amazing.

“Get back in bed Anthony, you aren’t a baby anymore.” Howard’s voice rings through his head as he grips the door handle.

“Jarvis?” Anthony whispers, when he was scared at home Jarvis was always there.

“Yes Master Anthony?” Jarvis replies.

“Can I sleep in your room tonight?” He asks, turning hopeful eyes to the ceiling.

“I’m afraid I don’t have a room of my own Master Anthony. Sir would be happy to have you though.” Jarvis informs him. Anthony shakes his head.

“No, I’m okay. I don’t need to bother him it was just a bad dream.” Anthony says, arms wrapped around himself. He’s shaking slightly. “Please don’t wake him.”

“Master Anthony, if you won’t go to sir at least come down to the lab. Dum-E will be happy to see you.” Jarvis offers, wanting a physical being on hand for the kid. Anthony shakes his head.

“I dreamt he wasn’t here.” Anthony admits, gesturing towards the door. “I thought Howard was here instead. I can just sit here.”

“I will have Dum-E bring you a blanket.” Jarvis decides, he knows he should wake Sir, but he doesn’t want to break Anthony’s trust. It’s hard to remember that reasoning when Anthony is curled up outside of Sir’s door, clinging to the pillow Dum-E brought. Dum-E sits next to him, keeping watch, and the kids free hand rests on his base.

Anthony wakes up to angry whispering.

“-should have woken me up. I would have been there for him.” Tony says, Anthony realizes he’s been picked up and clenches his fist in Tony’s collar.

“I believe Master Anthony is awake.” Jarvis says, Tony snorts a laugh, rubbing the kids back.

“Yeah, I think so.” Tony says. “Good morning Anthony, are you okay?” Anthony nods, hiding a yawn against Tony’s shoulder.

“Don’t be mad at Jarvis, I asked him not to wake you.” Anthony says, ducking his head. Tony schools his face into a comforting smile despite still being mad at Jarvis.

“Okay, but next time you come get me, okay? I’m here for you Anthony.” Tony tells him, carrying the kid into the kitchen.

“Okay, I’ll come see you.” Anthony agrees. “Just don’t be mad at Jarvis. Please.” Tony drops a kiss on his forehead.

“I’m not mad. Now what do you want for breakfast?” Tony asks. Anthony turns wide eyes on him.

“I can cook?” Anthony asks. Tony is about to nod and then stops.

“Actually no, but we can get you lessons at some point if you want. Jarvis will order whatever you want for breakfast today.” Tony decides. Anthony nods agreeably, snuggling into his shoulder.

“I like pancakes.” Anthony mumbles.

“Me too.” Tony replies, nodding to Jarvis. “Me too.”

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day 1: wolf

30 days of 300 word drabbles – frostiron set

“Fascinating,” Loki mumbles, poking a harsh finger around the bite on Tony’s thigh, drawing a loud swear from the owner of said thigh. He isn’t even wearing gloves, the unsanitary asshole. “Well, then.”

“Please,” Tony says, scathing, “please, try to be more obtuse. I enjoy not having a clue what’s going on. It’s wonderful. The suspense, the guessing…”

Loki throws him a withering glare, not that Tony’s earned it, in his opinion. After all, he’s the one laid out on a medical examination table being poked and prodded and ‘hmmm'ed at by a magical, hand-waving being from another realm, because the magical, hand-waving guy that was first on Tony’s list is vacationing in another dimension. Luckily, Thor apparently had his brother on intergalactic speed dial, because not five minutes after Thor left to go track him down, Loki popped out of thin air in a tidy black suit and a manic expression, eager to see Tony’s wound. There’s a bite mark gashed into his thigh—a souvenir from some sort of unholy mutated, half cybernetic dog from a Doom base. It had torn right throw his armor, no never mind, before Rogers was able to disconnect it’s metallic jaw with a will-timed shield.

Normally, Dr Cho would be more than capable of handling the wound, but something about it wasn’t… right. It gave off a foul stink, and the jagged skin around in had turned green, rotting away from Tony’s leg, and the sepsis spreading at a rate too rapid to be natural.

“Am I going to turn into a werewolf?” Tony asks with a stubborn jut of his jaw. He breathed out against the pain, pushing it from his body. In, and the pain rushes back. Out, push it away. A meditative measure that kept him sane back in Afghanistan. “Because, if so, let me die now, because ugh. The fur.”

“Are you utterly incapable of silence?” Loki fires back. There’s a worried bend to his brow that Tony does not like in the goddamn least. “Were you able to bring back a sample of the beast?”

“We tried,” Tony says. “But started to decompose almost as soon as it died. It was hunks of fetid meat and metal by the time we were able to get it anywhere remotely cold.”

“Hmmm… how long was that?”

“A half hour, tops.”

Loki rubs the bridge of his nose. “This,” he says, pointing to the necropsy spreading before their eyes. “Is not of this world.”

Tony snorts loudly. “Thank you, really, I would have never guessed. A genius, truly.”

“And that means,” Loki continues loudly, “that the cure is not of this world, either.”

Tony’s mouth snaps shut. His nostrils flare. “We could remove the leg.”

“No, the infection is in your blood already. There is no point. Remove the leg or no—you’ll be dead in a few hours, once it reaches your brain. I happen to know where a cure could be obtained, however, and I could be tempted into fetching it for you, Stark.”

“What do you want?” Tony says, bitter. The upper part of his thigh throbs, but his calf has gone completely numb. “I won’t–”

“Are you truly in the position to be negotiating terms?”

“I won’t agree to anything that could kill people.”

Loki clears his throat delicately and chuckles. “Nothing of the like. I need… tissue samples, shall we say. Willingly given. Saliva, hair, skin, and… semen.”

Fury spreads through Tony like wildfire. His whole body burns with fever, joints aching. What sick shit was Loki planning? “What’re you–”

Loki tuts. “I shan’t answer. You will accept, or you will die. Choose.”

A moment passes. The searing, stabbing, throbbing, aching pain flares like a volcanic eruption and Tony screams through gritted teeth. Loki just watches, faintly amused and with a detached, almost clinical air. “Fine,” Tony spits. “Cure me, then take what you need.”

Loki holds out his hand, a glittering smile in place, and Tony shakes it, feeling very much as though he just made a deal with the actual devil.