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Coming Home (Chapter 15)

I love this chapter! You guys! IronHawk feels for the win! I love them! Clint is so mouthy and sad and Tony is just… ahhhh. I love it! Heads up for some smutty smut near the end of the chapter!


Enjoy :)


“Pepper said you were looking for me.”

Clints voice broke into Tony’s concentration, and he looked up from tweaking an arm plate on his suit, frowning when he saw the Omega looking completely uncomfortable and awkward in his doorway.

“I- um. Yeah, yeah, I was. But like… on Tuesday.” Tony tilted his head. “Where have you been?”

“I don’t think that matters.” Clint ran a hand over his face and groaned. “What did you need?”  

“You look tired.” Tony felt uneasy even talking to Clint, not sure of what to say what to say after… everything. But Rhodey had told him to just hold his family, and Sam had adamant that he reach out to Clint first– so he had waited for the past two days for Clint to come home, asking Pepper to please send him down if she saw him, and now Tony didn’t know what to do. “Are you– are you sleeping alright?”

“Am I sleeping alright?” Clint repeated, and folded his arms, leaning against the door jam. “Let’s see, my Alpha goes missing, kidnapped in some god forsaken desert. Then it takes us three months to find him. Once we do find him, he spends almost a whole week locked up in his lab refusing to see me or anyone else, until finally sitting us all down and telling us a fucking horror story about being tortured and having a goddamn battery in his chest. And then–” Clints eyes flashed angrily even though his exhausted posture never changed.

“And then, I have to spend a whole night comforting a hysterical Bucky, who made himself sick crying over something that happened between you two. And then, oh look, my Alpha is locking himself up in his lab again for weeks, except this time not even Bruce is allowed in there, and crazy shit is happening with some suit that I know is you. We all know it’s you, but it’s just one more thing you are keeping me out of. Then Steve and Bucky leave and all the sudden I’m sleeping alone in a big ass bed that I usually share with two big ass soldiers, and wondering where they are and if they are safe and basically panicking because my fucking family is falling apart. Do I seem like I am sleeping well?”

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Okay but imagine this…

Chris Evans vs Robert Downey Jr on Lip Sync Battle.

Chris performs Demi Lovato’s “You don’t do it for me anymore” dressed as Captain America.

It doesn’t end there though…

The sassy dorito is actually serenading an iron man suit.

As the song ends Sebastian Stan makes his appearance dressed as the Winter Soldier and they (Chris && Seb) skip off stage hand in hand being all cutesy obviously.

But WAIT tHerEs MORe!!!

The iron man suit opens…revealing a heartbroken Anthony Mackie who’s portraying Tony Stank.

Can u imagine Bob’s face!!!!

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How do you think the IM2 video Howard made would go in the werewolf universe? Because I'm just imagining him continuously fucking up his lines, and the when little tony comes and tries to take part of the model in he just stops in the middle of a word and scoops him up and tells him everything about it and the camera person keeps rolling cause it's cute as hell and eventually, Maria comes to him to bed and at the end he leaves his message and it's super sappy (1)

And that’s the first message he left future tony, but after he decides that making more is a great idea so instead of maybe 3 tapes and 45 minutes of footage that tony has to go through it’s like 7 boxes and the recording method changes cause it spans like a decade and Tony’s not even mad that he had to watch it all because his dad is a huge sap and is basically just spending hours and hours telling the future how much he loves his son. (2)

Honestly it probably goes exactly like that. Howard just loves his son so much, and he knows he’s not going to be around forever. He doesn’t have enough time to tell Tony all the things he needs to know. There aren’t enough hours in the day. There aren’t enough days in the year. Howard’s done some stupid shit in his life (messing with radiation without proper safety precautions being first and foremost) and there’s no guarantee that he’s going to live a long healthy life. He’s a highly political figure. Who’s to say he won’t die tomorrow? So he makes a video trying to tell Tony the important things, but then Tony toddles in and starts poking around and suddenly those things don’t seem so important anymore.

There’s lots of different important things, he realizes, and has to sit down, make notes, ask Jarvis for advice on what to say because “what if I’m not around when he has questions, Jarvis?” So he makes recordings, of what to do for first girlfriends or boyfriends, how to have safe sex, what to do under peer pressure, don’t take drugs, don’t drink to excess, don’t trust the wrong people, don’t forget how precious you are, don’t ever think that Howard didn’t wish he could be there for him and he wasn’t.

“You are my greatest creation,” Howard finally finishes, hair grayed, wrinkles and laugh-lines on his face. He nearly chokes on tears as he says it. “People will tell you the great things I’ve done and the great things I’ve created, but you–you are my number one achievement, and it’s been an honor and a privilege to be your father.”

(“–it’s been an honor and a privilege to be your father,” the Howard on the screen says, and Tony mourns, he howls until his throat is raw and he cries until he feels like he has no moisture left in his body. He should have had his dad longer. Howard wanted to be there, and he wasn’t, and Tony is dying and he just wishes Howard was there to hold him and tell him everything was going to be alright.

Tony is dying and all he has are videos of his father, half of them telling him things he’d told him in person and the other half telling him things Howard had never gotten the chance to say. Tony is dying and he still has so much left to do. Tony is Howard’s greatest creation, his number one achievement, and his father is taking care of him from beyond the grave with notes on a possible new element. Tony is dying and his father is still protecting him.)

Mirror of the Soul: Part 11 (Loki x Reader)

Note: Buckle down everyone, we’re about to fall down the rabbit hole and it’s only going to get worse over the next few chapters :D As always please let me know what you think or if you want to be added to the tag list. I think I’ve got everyone on there that wants to be tagged but I might have missed a few - just drop me a message if I’ve missed you off!

Also, 400 followers! You are all amazing! As a thank you to you all, here is the next chapter early and the next part will be posted on Wednesday as usual!

Words: 1902

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist 

               "You look dreadful,“ Tony pointed out as you walked into the lab. Eyeing the cup of fresh coffee in your hands, he suddenly seemed to change his mind. "I’m kidding. You look great. Better than ever. Please say that’s for me.”

Without a word, you shoved the mug in his chest before flopping onto the sofa. Your face buried in the cushions, you mumbled, “I feel like crap.”

               "My scans show no signs of illness,“ JARVIS piped in, much to your annoyance. The last thing you needed was to be told that this was a figment of your imagination. "Physically, you are in peak condition, miss.”

               "Awesome.“ You rolled over onto your back and let your arms hang off the edge of the sofa, slowly drawing circles on the lab floor with your fingertips. Your head felt like it was being crushed  and, not from lack of trying, you couldn’t shake the pins and needles in your right leg.

Turning your head towards Tony, watching intently as he tampered with the wires inside his latest suit, you said, "Tell me you’re planning on blowing stuff up today? I need a laugh and this is bound to go wrong.”

               "That wasn’t the plan for this morning, actually.“

You could practically hear the machines around the lab sigh in relief. Testing days never seemed to end too well for them - especially for Dum-E who, whilst always prepared for a fire, was rarely ready for any other disaster.

Crumpling your face up as the pins and needles worsened in your leg, you mumbled, "Well, what are you doing this morning? If it’s nothing interesting, I’ll just go find someone else to annoy.”

Tony looked up from the half deconstructed metal arm and rolled his eyes. “How dare you suggest that I’d waste my time on something boring. Get over here and I’ll show you what I’ve been working on; just don’t tell the others or they’ll claim favouritism.”

Curious and honoured that he’d chosen to share a new prototype with you, you crossed the lab - or more accurately limped across, as the blood rushed back into your prickly leg -  and sat on the edge of his work table. “Everyone already knows I’m your favourite.”

               "That’s true,“ he mused, pulling a box from under the desk. It appeared be full of scrap parts but, hidden away at the bottom, were two thin metal bands. Trust your uncle to hide his brand new, experimental equipment in a pile of crap. Actually, you had to concede it was a very good hiding place since no one would go looking there.

               "Have you had any more luck sleeping?” Tony asked, despite the answer being obvious. No one had bags as dark as your if they were getting a reasonable amount of rest. “What about that feeling of something not being right? How’s that?”

               "Getting worse,“ you groaned, forcing a light tone. Whilst you knew it was healthy to share your problems with someone else, there was no way that you’d let Tony see the true extent of your negative intuition.

What you weren’t telling him was that every time you went anywhere near people your adrenaline spiked, pushing you to flee before things got dangerous. It was hard to even be around the Avengers, and these were friends you knew would protect you against anything.

Yesterday, you’d been so on edge that you’d almost accidently killed one of Tony’s assistants. All she’d done was come into the kitchen to deliver a package to you but something in the air had felt off and, without thinking, you threw a chopping knife at her. You’d never been so grateful to miss a target.

Whatever was filling the Tower with this dark energy seemed to be getting stronger. Every day, the darkness seemed to draw nearer. It called out to you like the most powerful of souls, whispering your name. You weren’t sure how much longer you could manage without breaking. If Loki and Tony weren’t around, keeping you rooted in the light…

               "Arm out,” Tony ordered, pulling you out from your internal struggle. Rolling the sleeve of your jumper up, he clipped the thin metal bands around your wrists. Mumbling something about how tiny your arms were, he threw his hands in the air and proudly proclaimed, “Tada!”

               "Um, thank you…?“

Tony gave you a dazzling grin, the kind he usually reserved for the reporters when he forgot what he was supposed to be saying. He suddenly became a lot more serious, though. "Kiddo, I can’t bear to see you suffer. There might not be anything I can do to help but I hope that this makes you feel a little bit safer.”

His smirk returned at your complete and utterly stunned expression. “Don’t you want to know what it does?”

               "Yes!“ you squealed, overcome by excitement. "Show me!”

Jumping to his feet, Tony pulled you to the centre of the testing area. He straightened your body, kicked your legs apart for extra balance, and then practically ran for cover. From the corner of the lab, hiding behind his computer screens, he shouted, “Are you ready? Keep your arms out and don’t move!”

Your heart was thumping so hard that you could feel it in your throat. For the first time in months, though, it didn’t scare you. Adrenaline was flooding your system but instead of preparing to flee you found yourself ready to fight.

The sound of rattling metal filled the lab as two gloves flew your way. They wrapped themselves perfectly around your hands, clicking on to the bracelets on the first go, but the impact sent you flying backwards. A pair of strong arms stopped you from hitting the ground and helped you back onto your feet.

               "Thank you,“ you whispered, glancing up at Loki. As much as you hated the fact the glasses were seemingly draining you of your powers, you would be forever grateful that they let you look into the god’s beautiful eyes. He looked on you in awe, as if he’d never seen anything so stunning in his life.

               "You’re supposed to be protecting her, Stark, not attacking her with your tin cans,” Loki chastised. You could feel the challenge in the god’s voice, but there was a clearly playful tone behind his words.

               "Shut up, reindeer games,“ your uncle retaliated, falling back on old insults.

Before the exchange got any weirder, you turned to Tony to shut him up. "How do I make them work? Do I just…”

You pulled your arm back, imitating an action that you’d seen your uncle perform multiple times, but before you could destroy half the building, Tony ran over to you and held you still. “Not… Not like that, Y/N.”

Two hours later and many, many apologies to Loki for missing the target and hitting him instead, it seemed you’d finally got the hang of the gloves. Your arms ached unbearably but the joy you felt almost completely blocked out that pain. Even so, tiredness was beginning to take its toll.

               "I need to rest,“ you groaned, letting your legs buckle beneath you. Loki caught you - of course, you knew he would - and carried you over to the sofa. Placing a kiss on his lips as a thank you, you turned to Tony and asked, "How do you even move in a full suit? They must weigh a tonne and you can barely make it up a flight of stairs without moaning.”

               "You were never this rude before you started dating Loki,“ Tony scowled. He knelt down on the ground and pushed a few buttons to unclip the gloves from the metal bracelets. "They’ll only work in the building for now but give me a few days to finish tweaking and you’ll be able to call them from anywhere.”

You wanted to tell him that he was the best person in the world, but knew it would only inflate his ego to an immeasurable size if you did. Not that it wasn’t already that size. Instead, you simply settled on a hug. “Thank you so much.”

               "I’ll always be here for you, Y/N,“ he told you for the nth time. "Now go and relax. Have a bath. It’ll help with the aching.” His eyes flickered over to Loki and he added, “Alone.”

Rolling your eyes, you let Loki escort you back up to your room. As you were walking through the hallway, your head began to spin. Resting against the wall, you took a deep breath and prayed that the dark spots clouding your vision would fade away.

               "Y/N?“ Loki’s panicked voice echoed in your ears but you could hardly hear over the pounding inside your skull. "Y/N, it’s alright. You’re going to be fine.”

You were vaguely aware of the hand on your shoulder but it did little to ground you. The darkness was closing in from every angle and the air felt like molten lava sliding into your lungs until it became impossible to breathe.

               "Go and get Mr Stark,“ a man ordered. You vaguely recognised it but you couldn’t focus enough to place it. His words rolled over you like a thick sludge, coating you in a slimy darkness. It felt like you would suffocate under the weight of them.

Unable to think straight, you stumbled along the corridor until your balance failed you completely. You hit the floor, landing awkwardly on your wrists, and your glasses went flying. Flailing your arms around in front of you, you muttered, "God, where are they?”

Bright red streaks filled your vision, tearing at the darkness around you like tiny knives. Slowly, through the cracks, sunlight began to stream in and the world almost snapped back into place. Ignoring the fact that something didn’t seem right, you opened your eyes to the bright afternoon sun and there, a few feet in front of you, you could see your glasses.

As you reached out to grab them, the silhouette of a man appeared. He was the one who had sent Loki away. “You won’t be needing these, anymore.”

               "Move out the way,“ you hissed, dragging yourself along the floor with your nails towards them. You were so close, just another inch or two and everything would return to normal. You’d be safe.

               "I don’t think so.”

A silent scream escaped your lips when the lenses cracked beneath his shoe. The fear that had been threatening to eat you from the inside for months returned. This was it, you realised. The darkness was finally going to take you.

In a last attempt at defiance, you raised your arm up ever so slightly, calling on the gloves from the lab. However, they were too slow. He’d already crouched down beside you, injecting you in the arm with a serum that made your body go completely limp within seconds.

On the very edge of consciousness, you suddenly registered the bright green ribbons of light that you loved so dearly. They danced in the distance with that oh-so-familiar yellow mist. You wanted to reach out to touch them but were too far away.

They’d promised never to leave you. To always be there to face the darkness with you; to drag you kicking and screaming back to the light, where you belonged. With your family. But they couldn’t save you from this.

You were on your own.

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tony stark:
- the most sarcastic motherfucker that ever lived
- sassy af
- is a salty bitch
- looks fine but is actually metaphorically dying inside
- healthy coping mechanisms?? i don’t know her
- alcohol is a solution 

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stevie wonder:
- does steroids in the public restroom
- looks like a walking safe sex ad

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pita parkour:
- is a perfect cinnamon roll
- isn’t 14
- don’t be mean to him; iron dad will come 4 u
- just wants to save the day and then have some churros

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happy meal:
- is never happy
- “turn that frown upside down!!” no, fuck u.  
- unironically loves happy meals 
- hates everyone
- lives with his mom

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- is literally perfect
- is a salty bitch
- will 10/10 tell captain america to go suck a dick
- Badass™

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sam wilson:
- goes birdwatching dressed as a bird 
- has the cutest smile
- is precious
- day 47: the pigeons still think he is one of them

Take good care of my baby.

A/n: it’s not great but here it is.

Warnings: mention of violence. Angst. Fluff. One curse word I think.

Dad!tony Stark x daughter!reader

Stark!Reader x Bucky

Tony was sitting in his lab, head stuck in yet another project when the voice of F.R.I.D.A.Y came over the speakers. “Boss, y/n has arrived in the premises. She seems to be in distress and will need medical attention.”

Tony was up and out of his seat without a second thought, “wake the team.”

“Yes, Boss.”

Y/N Stark. Tony’s daughter. A strong, smart, independent woman. The apple of her dad’s eye. Tony had raised y/n since birth, alone as a single parent. She was a handful, witty and sharp as a pin. A Stark through and through. Tony vowed to keep her safe and protect her. They were always so close.

Y/n burst through the front door and fell into her fathers arms and as he looked at her and took in her appearance his heart broke and his blood boiled all at once. Her make up was all running down her face. She was wearing a little black dress with no shoes. Soaked from the pouring rain outside.

“It’s ok, baby. Daddy’s here. What happened?”

“He cheated! I came home from a night out with my friends and he was in bed with another woman!” She managed to say though her sobs.

“I didn’t know what to do so I ran.”

“Come on, sweetheart. Let’s go and get you warm.” Tony said as he helped her up just as the team came into the lobby.

“If that bastard shows up here deal with him!” He called over to the team.

A few weeks later. Nothing had been heard from y/n’s ex. She has started to settle back into life with her dad and the team. She was currently in the shared compound kitchen helping Bucky make breakfast when Tony entered.

“Morning, sunshine!”

“Morning dad! Sleep?”

“5 hours.”




“Love one.”


“Had pop tarts.”

“Plans for the day?”

“The usual, you?”

“Museum with Bucky.”

“Sounds good.”

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Tony grabbed his coffee and left.

The team were used to these kind of exchanges between the two. All except Thor who had just come back from Asgard. “What just happened? Wait, did he say pop tarts!?” Everyone chuckled at the confused and equally distracted god of thunder.


“Thanks for today, buck. I had fun.” Y/n said with a smile and a wink.

“You’re more thank welcome, y/n. We should do it again sometime.” Bucky replied as a slight blush dusted his cheeks.


Tony, Sam, Steve and Nat were all in the conference room discussing details for an upcoming mission, “Boss, is there an explanation as to why Sam Wilson just entered the building twice in the last 30 mins without leaving in between?” F.R.I.D.A.Y questioned. They all shared a confused look between them before, “there is an incident in the east corridor involving y/n!” The A.I called.


Y/n was on her way back to her room after her day with Bucky, smiling to herself. It’s no secret the two had grown closer over the past few weeks. Just as she reached her door she heard footsteps and it immediately made her tense up.

“Oh, Sammy it’s just you. You scared me.” She huffed out a relieved laugh.

Before she knew what was happening Sam was across to her in a few steps with his hand around her throat.

“You left, you can’t leave. You belong to me. I waited for you to come back.” He said through gritted teeth. The whole time his hand tightening. Just as y/n was about to pass out, the pressure from her throat was gone and the air rushed back to her lungs making her go into a coughing fit.

“Y/n! Y/n, sweetie. Are you ok?” The frantic questioning of her father made its way to her ears. “Yes, I’m fine.”

As she looked up, Bucky, Steve and Sam were standing there restraining, Sam?”

“What the hell is going on?” She asked.

“That’s what I’d like to know!” Tony shouted.

At the moment the last face Tony and Steve expected to see came around the corner.

“He’s an unregistered inhuman. Able to mask his DNA and shape-shift into any form he wants. We have been after him for a while isn’t that right, Brad. So if it’s ok with you, we will take him from here.”

“Brad!?” Y/n almost screamed.

Tony looked up in disbelief “Phil? Phil Coulson? That’s not possible, you’re dead!?”

“We need to talk mr Stark. But now is not the time.”

“Agreed. Thanks, Phil.”

Just before they left Sam said “can you zap back to your dickhead self, because looking at myself like that is some weird shit.”

A few weeks later y/n was snuggled with Bucky on the sofa with a movie playing.

Y/n was napping with her head on buckys chest.

Steve and Tony were in the kitchen.

“They look comfy,” Steve said looking over at the couple.

“Yes they do,” Tony chuckled. “I know me and him have had our differences but I’ve seen him fight for those he holds dear. I have no doubt in my mind that he will take good care of her, Cap.”

Bucky heard what was said because of his super soldier hearing and looked down at the woman laying on him and mumbled to himself “that I will.”

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69 or 80 with stevetony? ILOVEYOU :D

69 -  “Quit flirting.” - “I didn’t mean to-”

80 -  “Why did I marry you?” - “It took a lot of convincing.”

I’m combining both in this and I’m going with 616 where CW and mindwipe didn’t happen ‘cause I said so.

Tony checked his watch and smiled, his eyes crinkling as he looked up at the object of his affection.

“Alright, I’ve got,” Tony leaned against the pole nearby and smiled disarmingly, “15 minutes before he gets here, so how about you and I have some fun till then?”

He was met with stony silence but Tony was never one to be discouraged easily, and especially not when he was actually interested in wooing. 

“You’ve got gorgeous eyes, you know that?” he said, eyeing the sight before him with ill-concealed appreciation, “Stunning, and the perfect shape too. I should know. I’ve seen the most beautiful eyes in the world.”

The lack of response didn’t matter and Tony let his eyes wander up and down, taking in every inch before him.

“And your body?” Tony whistled lowly, lazy and content in his smile, “If I were a poet, I would write sonnets about you. But sadly, I’m no poet.”

He finally leaned away from the pole and took a step forward.

“I’m something better though,” he said as he walked towards his destination, “I’m an engineer.”

“Quit flirting,” a familiar voice called out and Tony jerked a little at being caught.

“I didn’t mean to -”

“I see,” Steve observed as Tony turned around to see the blond come towards him, his uniform crisp and eyes sparkling with mirth, “I leave you alone for five minutes and I’ve already got competition.”

Tony shrugged, only a little sheepish at being noted, and felt his lips curve into a smile involuntarily as his Captain reached him and wrapped an easy arm around his shoulder.

“It’s not safe to leave a handsome man alone,” he pointed out, eyes challenging as they met azure ones, “with such a beauty. Especially on a day like this.”

“I would think that flirting with,” Steve looked around Tony at his ‘rival’, “a beauty on a day like this would be much more inappropriate, wouldn’t it?”

“Some things are unavoidable,” Tony declared and grinned when Steve squeezed his shoulder, “Sorry, were you jealous?”

“Do I have a reason to be?” Steve asked, eyes dancing the way it did whenever he was about to prove himself to be a foregone sap, “After all, I have what your new friend doesn’t.”

“Aren’t you smug,” Tony commented but felt himself flush with happiness when Steve simply raised an eyebrow before leaning forward to capture Tony’s lips in a firm but familiar kiss.

“It’s the day,” Steve replied when they parted, a soft smile on his face, “Makes a lucky man confident enough to be smug.”

“I’m still going home with her,” Tony grinned and Steve sighed, rolling his eyes fondly.

“Fine then,” he accepted and eyed the ‘32 Roadster with a mock narrowed expression before looking back at his newlywed husband, “I’ll have to settle for sharing, I suppose.”

“Aww, you say the sweetest thing, beloved,” Tony brushed his thumb over Steve’s cheek fondly.

“You’re a brat,” Steve declared with a huff, “Why did I marry you?”

“It took a lot of convincing,” Tony declared and Steve raised an eyebrow.

I was the one who proposed, sweetheart”

“And it took you a lot to convince me,” Tony agreed and Steve’s eyes softened impossibly, the happiness and awe of finally getting together the way they had always dreamt of shining in his eyes.

“It was always worth it,” Steve declared in a whisper and kissed Tony again, “Everything was worth it.”

The Roadster lay ignored as Tony found agreed with the love of his life. 

[image description: Shirtless Tony Stark in their lab working on Iron Man armor. They are riddled in scars, most notably top surgery scars.]

November 20th is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, so I’m recognizing the day with a week of Team Iron, transgender headcanons, starting with Tony in the colors of the nonbinary flag.