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English Love Affair (3D)
English Love Affair (3D)


music is supposed to sound like its swirling around you - close your eyes and let the magic happen 

enjoy little ones :-)

The year is 1976. In November, Jimmy Carter will take control of the White House. Americans are meeting Laverne & Shirley at their apartment in Milwaukee. Hotel California diverges from the reign of Kool & the Gang. And the FBI is still reeling from the repercussions of Watergate, the tragedy at Wounded Knee, Operation Family Secrets, and the strategic terrors of the anti-cult movement.

That’s what Special Agent Harry Styles has been told is the basis of his mission to an abandoned farmhouse in rural New Hampshire.

With his hair grown out long and his shirt untucked, he’s going undercover to do reconnaissance on suspected cult leader Louis Tomlinson, who has led a group of people out into the middle of nowhere, leaving no record of the life he’d had before. All Harry knows is what the agency gave him: Tomlinson’s name, and instructions to figure out what he’s doing with the eleven people he brought with him.

In the year that Harry spends undercover and under Louis Tomlinson’s wing, he learns more than he ever expected.

By aimmyarrowshigh and spibsy (lucy_and_ramona)

Chaptered, Complete

Notes: WHAT THE FUCK. One of my favorite fics ever. The fic that has made me feel the most like out of anything in my whole life? I was crying out of happiness, really honestly laughing out loud, in physical pain, sick to my stomach, worried as hell, all of it. So so so amazing. A must read for forever, I can’t even explain it. I don’t even know how to stop talking about how much this fic got to me. Just, read it, read it now, like now, like hurry. - A 

ALSO there’s going to be a sequel i think but here is where I will mention that the ending is not exactly happy, but it will be wrapped up in the sequel I’m sure :)) GO READ THIS PLEASE