December 26, 2011 / 동방신기’s 8th Anniversary

Nostalgia is a mixed feeling of happiness, sadness, and longing when recalling a person, place, or event from the past, or the past in general.
This is exactly what I feel everyday once I gaze at, listen to, or watch anything related to the previous Dong Bang Shinki. I admit that I miss them being together. I miss the old days, the glory days. I miss the days when we only had one fandom, when Cassiopeia did not turn on each other. I miss the days when we were all just united in loving our five boys.
Being in this fandom taught me how to value the present for the only thing permanent in life is change… Seriously, back in 2008, who would ever know that this group filled with love, passion, perfection, and strength would ever split apart?
Being in this fandom taught me patience. Not everyone has the same views; I learned how to respect everyone’s views. TVXQ has endured so much for the sake of their fans. The least we can do is remember the past, all the things they’ve done and respect them.
We’ll never know what will happen next. Let’s only wish the best for all five of them. May they forever be happy, successful, & healthy. Happy 8th anniversary, DONG BANG SHINKI. I will always love you…

Broken Lullaby

by: chibireina124

Jaejoong was always the better twin, Yunho believed. He was popular, gorgeous, talented… almost everything he wished he himself was. When he pushes Jaejoong into traffic one day out of anger, he realizes he’s made a mistake and will do anything to get his older twin back. Even if it means visiting with the school’s occultist and being forced to do things just to keep Jaejoong alive.

On my waist, through my hair
Think about it when you touch me there
Close my eyes, here you are
All alone dancing in the dark

FF #14 Jaeanae

Hi Chelsea! I don’t know if you saw my post but… lol I’m gonna copy your idea! And she just fell asleep right when I was about to post this… -.-“ Okay so dear followers, for my first "follow forever” I chose Chelsea’s blog. She posts mainly kpop graphics/ quotes/ jpop/ other stuff (some stock pics, other famous people (?) well I hope you get the idea). I love her graphics because…well… they’re so original. Like she has her own style. They’re very creative. Her edit concepts may differ but you’ll know it’s hers. She makes nice gifs as well! Her url used to be jaejoong- which I find so cool! Usually people would be reserving that. I also like going to her blog to listen to her bgm’s^^; You guys should all consider following her *bows*