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I swear one day we'll get an article and it'll go like this... "Oh btw Louis learnt months ago he wasn't the father but he is still Straight™ look at him holding hand with this brunette!1!1! ... wait is that Harry Styles? OH GUYS SHOCKING NEWS LOUIS AND HARRY TOMLINSON ARE MARRIED!" I can't wait.

hsajhsjkashajksah stop this will be such a plot twist 


“Siege of the North” - Katara fights Zuko because Aang is unable to. 

“The Crossroads of Destiny” - Both Aang and Katara fight Azula and Zuko until Aang gets shot down by Azula’s lightening.

“Sozin’s Comet” - Both Katara, and Zuko go to fight Azula, with Katara fighing Azula when Zuko is unable to.