Some Strengths of the Signs

Aries – their pioneering spirit

Taurus – their reliability

Gemini – their adaptability

Cancer – their caring heart

Leo – their warm smile

Virgo – their eye for detail

Libra – their flexible mind

Scorpio – their sharp intuition

Sagittarius – their courage

Capricorn – their determination to succeed

Aquarius – their inventive mind

Pisces – their imagination

Some Weaknesses of the Signs

Aries – their impulsiveness

Taurus – their resistance to change

Gemini – their attention span

Cancer – their hypersensitivity

Leo – their self-centeredness

Virgo – their self-criticism

Libra – their indecisiveness

Scorpio – their sharp tongues

Sagittarius – their recklessness

Capricorn – their close-mindedness

Aquarius – their fear of intimacy

Pisces – their unreliability

Never treat anybody like a nobody, for everyone is a one to cherish. There may be seven billion people in existence, but each existing life is one to treasure.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin