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Kuroshitsuji x 幽喜茶屋 (YUUKI CHAYA) at Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2016

The popular Funtom Cafe which first opened in Harajuku, branched to Osaka, now will open in Kyoto for KYOMAFU 2016. There will be food collaboration and limited edition goods exclusive to this event.

Opens in September 2016.

Follow-up details are available at @FuntomCafe official twitter.

anonymous asked:

Pls write something with possessive territorial Claude over the reader


The tales were always speaking about beautiful yet humble princesses and their knights in shining armours, riding on white horses to rescue them from the danger and eventually live happily together for the rest of their lifes. It was an interesting scenario, indeed, the one almost every young girl dreams about and when you finally met a man who could be your perfect lover, you didn’t mind that he was anything but good, no matter how courteously he acted. There was only one thing you couldn’t know about and nobody would thought about it after seeing how suitable you two were for each other – the fact, that your prince charming is also the wild beast, the one who he was supposed to protect you from.

Claude Faustus was dark and mysterious, like a secret dressed in the night. He was the one by your side when you thought that nobody else cares, who patiently handled your worse times and was still ready to give you the stars, as if your disadvantages didn’t matter for him because he admired you way too deeply to mind such a trivial things. What he couldn’t ever stand, however, was the presence of the others around you, especially when they dared to touch you, be it an embrace with a friend or a kiss placed at the top of your hand as a greeting. You didn’t see the anger sparkling in his mesmerizing eyes whenever you were interacting with somebody, you didn’t know about all the furnitures he damaged in an act of mute fury while tearing the hard wood to shreds when nobody was looking, you weren’t aware of the burning feeling consuming his insides with jealousy and, most importantly, you never thought that those bloody threats of his were supposed to come to life one day.

“I am going to snap every single one of your fingers if you lay a hand on her one more time,” Claude stated easily, as if he was talking about the weather.

The young man you were conversating with at that moment, looked at him with an amused smile on the lips but eventually took his hand off your shoulder. He probably thought it was some kind of joke, the sick and disturbing one, but nevertheless still a joke and so assumed you. You changed your mind few days later when you got a letter from said friend, full of clumsy writing, clearly not belonging to him, informating you about an accident he had in a way home which resulted in completely crushed arms.

Terrifying coincidence, wasn’t it?

You began to listen to Claude more carefully when he talked with the others and keep in mind to not look too fond of anyone, not wanting to give him any reasons to be jealous. You weren’t suspecting him for your friend’s accident, Claude was way too calm and collected to do something like that, but still it didn’t hurt to be more aware of your surroundings.

The next months passed peacefully, even the party you were both invited to didn’t end up wrong. You were having a lot of fun, tasting delicious meals along few sips of Chardonnay, dancing and talking, admiring the creations of the other guests until it was time to take some rest. That night you had a lot of sweet dreams, spinning around the ballroom in Claude’s arms, almost flying above the ground, your dress like a waves of the rough sea and sweet music echoing in your head, drowning out the sounds of broken bones, ripped flesh and gushing blood of the people who stared at you for a little too long.

You were walking down the street, an umbrella in your hand protecting you from the summer sun. It was supposed to be just a stroll, some time only for yourself and your thoughts, and you would never expect it to turn out this way. The group of teenage thiefs, some of them even younger than you, didn’t look too dangerous with those short knifes but their shouting stopped you in a middle of the step and made you turn around to face them. The stress didn’t allow you to understand the first few sentences they said in a broken English, however, when they threatened to harm you if you didn’t give them all the money and other wealth you had with yourself, you decided to give up. You didn’t believe that they could truly hurt you and with this thought in mind you handled your jewerly to one of them, only to have it thrown away to the others and got roughly grabbed, then pushed on the wall in an alley. The back of your head pulsed painfully after a hit on the brickwork and therefore slowed you down in an attempt to push the boy away while one of his hands quickly wandered under your dress. Your scream was muffled by him, not caring about your struggles, inhaling the scent of your body and perfume with highest pleasure but just when he was about to tear your corset apart, the weight of his body was suddenly threw back from you, leaving you shaking uncontrollably, desperately trying to fix your clothes and pride.

You knew it was him before you even saw him from the corner of the eye. Claude was faster than you could ever imagine, stronger than you thought and surprisingly it didn’t shock you that much as one would believe, as if somewhere deep inside you knew he was more, much more. You were staring blankly somewhere else when the boys’ death took it’s place, quick but painful when the demon crashed their skulls, tear out the tongues and ripped off the spine of the one who dared to touch you in such a disgusting way. Their bones cracked under the pressure of his steps, perfectly polished leather shoes now stained with so much blood and while approaching you, he took a handkerchief to wipe his lips, half of the face still splashed with crimson red.

His kiss was as soft as the feathers of the colourful birds he was so fond of and it tasted like death but hell, it was making you feel so alive.

anonymous asked:

do you have any theory on why sebastian has been more of a jerk than in previous arcs?

I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘him being more of a jerk’, per say. Just his usual cynical self.

Ciel and Sebastian have a very special kind of relationship, one that is seeping with dark humor and cynicism. The two of them go back and forth with pissing the other off for their own entertainment.

 I want to repeat that: They piss each other off for their own ENTERTAINMENT

Because, truthfully, they are working towards the same cause. It would hurt Sebastian to just, out of nowhere, be a jerk and make things harder for Ciel because guess who has all of the power? The harder he makes Ciel’s life, the harder it is for Ciel to accomplish his goal, for Sebastian to fulfill his wish and consume his soul.

So, when Sebastian does little things such as smirking and being the handsome asshole that he is because he thinks it’s hilarious that Lizzy got away, that is just him and Ciel doing their usual tango. Remember when Ciel teased Sebastian about him having to dress up in Nina’s shop? 

Yea. Payback is a bitch. 

But also, Sebastian will not go out of his way to tell Ciel something/do something if it does not/will not benefit their current situation. Lizzy getting away was inevitable. He knew this. Him not telling Ciel was simply because he enjoys 1: the fact that Ciel would immediately know Sebastian knew and Sebastian gets off on that and 2: it is, again, part of their game back and forth to make things a bit more interesting.

There are only so many ways Sebastian is allowed to piss Ciel off and get away with it. This is one.

Now, I am not saying he is not a jerk. As a matter of fact, it isn’t even him being a jerk. He is a devil, it’s what they do. He is just not any more of the one he has always been. But anyways, think back to BOC. During his investigation of the larger tents, Ciel did not want to heed Sebastian’s warning about them being low on time so Sebastian did what? Released the snakes, knowing very well Ciel was still loose. Then proceeded to smirk and be an asshole about it.

For their entertainment..

BUT remember Ciel’s reaction??

He loves this shit

Tit for tat, pay back, a little bit of a challenge to make things a bit more interesting, the two of them constantly do this to each other throughout the entire story. Sebastian enjoys making Ciel flustered but he would never do so much to piss him off where it would put his life in danger. When they are on a mission that is way too easy and boring to possibly satisfy their own twisted selves, they depend on each other to… spice it up a little

So anyways, I do not see Sebastian as being a jerk. I see him being a devil and simply playing the same game he has always played with his young master. No more, no less. Remember, he would much rather do this (play as his butler) than be an insatiable beast.

Bonus: Sebastian’s reaction to Ciel calling him a demon in the frame above the moving oven-

Being Ciel’s butler satisfies him to no end. Their games back and forth, messing with each other and others around them, truly hold this story together. Sebastian would have it no other way. It really is his favorite game and his greatest pleasure.