chanyeol the type to smile thru the pain and never let anyone feel there’s anything wrong, the type to crinkle the corners of his eyes in delight as he layers on his mask of happiness, to hold his bright and big grin from ear to ear as he waves to his fans, concealing his injuries and holding in his woe, convincing everyone that’s he’s fine… he’s fine…. he’s fine….. and that he never. gets. upset, because there’s no way he could ever let anyone… know.

n wow im emotional

First, BTS antagonize a group on their on V-app by being rude to IMFACT. Then they attack Monsta X and shout stupid things at them at K-con and ruin it for them and their fans. Now they’re harassing Topp Klass because they lost on a fan vote. Please respect the boundaries of another group before demanding our respect for yours…what disgusting behaviour to target a group so blatantly while telling us not to hate on yours.

I don’t think we international fans should get involved in the Tiffany issue. Let’s face it, she messed up. Big times. But it is an issue that involves the korean history and society and we will never be able to fully understand the emotions behind it unless we grew up in korea or lived there for some time. So there is no use in us trying to get involved in this or furthermore trying to tell koreans how they should act.