McGonagall helping trans students create spells to change their body to alleviate dysphoria

Flitwick showing trans students how to charm themselves to always be perceived as their gender identity and to never be misgendered

Slughorn giving lessons on potions that can stop or start facial hair growing

House Heads creating dormitory rooms for non-binary students if they want them and letting trans students choose which section to live in

The new History of Magic teacher including trans wizards in the curriculum

Hagrid making sure the other students are respectful when unicorns approach trans girls

Hogwarts students setting up a clothing exchange for trans students who can’t buy the robes and other clothes they want because of money or family issues

Albus Severus's first trip to the headmistress's office
  • McGonagall: Albus Severus, I am very very disappointed in you
  • Dumbledore: Minerva, my dear, I apologize but I must ask, what did I do?
  • Snape: I hope you do realize headmistress that reprimanding two portraits will get your absolutely…. nowhere.
  • McGonagall: Albus! Severus! I didn’t mean-
  • Albus Severus: Yes headmistress?
  • McGonagall: No, not you Albus!
  • Dumbledore: Not me, my dear?
  • McGonagall: Oh for Merlin’s sake!

A werewolf has no choice.
A werewolf is a human being who, upon the complete rising of the full moon, becomes a fearsome and deadly near-wolf. Werewolves can be easily distinguished from regular wolves by their shorter snout, more human-like eyes, the tufted tail, and their mindless hunting of humans whilst in wolf form. At all other times, they appear as normal humans, although they will age prematurely, and will gain a pallor as the moon approaches and then wanes.