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“You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting vry suspicious” with my boy hank if u will pls and thank and ilysm😭💕💕💕💕

a/n; this turned into a kind of five times fic? idek what it is tbqh and also i like calling hank ‘lanky boy’ so that’s happening. @dicckgrayson @paperclipmac @kurtwxgners @mvximoff enjoy even though this is garbage 

i. concerts

The venue is heaving with people, and you instinctively reach for Hank’s hand, knowing if you lose him, you probably won’t find him again. He glances down at your joined hands, a little startled, and you shrug and say “this is not the time or place to lose track of each other, lanky boy.” He flushes slightly and you grin at him. “Just don’t let go, McCoy.” His fingers lace through yours and his grip on your hand tightens slightly as he tugs you through the crowds. 

ii. conventions

Glancing around the convention hall, all you see are rows and rows of booths with signs up for various scientific advancements or research areas. Hank had asked if you’d come to the particle physics convention and even though hearing about particle physics is far from your preferred way to spend an afternoon, he had been so flustered and sweet when he’d asked that you couldn’t say no. The crowds are bigger than you’d expected for a science convention, but you’re not worried about getting crushed in them. You feel Hank’s fingers nudge against yours and you reflexively take his hand as he says, a little bashfully, “don’t wanna lose you in the people.“ 

You smile at him and squeeze his hand lightly in return and say “of course.” 

iii. theme parks

Late autumn would not be your first choice in time to visit a theme park, but it’s a crisp, clear day and even though it’s chilly, it’s not cold enough to deter you. The rest of the students scatter cheerfully throughout the park, queuing up for various rides. “Less crowded that if we’d come in summer,” you observe and Hank shrugs. 

“Still plenty of others around,” he says, glancing at the lines for the rides. You nod in agreement and the two of you continue walking around, keeping an eye on the students you see as you look for something that interests the two of you. A few minutes later, you feel Hank take your hand. You glance down at your joined hands and then back up at him in surprise and he flushes slightly. “It’s still plenty crowded,” he says a little defensively. “Don’t want to lose track of you.” 

vi. movie theatres

“That was a garbage movie and no one should ever see it,” you declare as you walk out of the theatre, blinking a little blearily against the sudden change in brightness. Hank chuckles behind you.

“It was pretty shit,” he agrees. You can see the others walking a little ways ahead of the two of you, headed towards the theatre exit. There’s a small handful of other people besides you and your friends, but when Hank reaches for your hand, murmuring “it’s crowded”, you don’t correct him, instead just linking your fingers together as a smile tugs at your lips

v. grocery shopping

“Remind me again never ever to leave the grocery shopping till this late again,” you groan, clutching your jumper a little tighter around your body as a defence against the chill. Hank chuckles as he follows you into the grocery store. 

“I did try and remind you earlier today,” he says, smiling as you glare at him in mock irritation. “You were the one who insisted that the students should have snacks for the excursion tomorrow.”

“Zip it, McCoy,” you retort, your sharp tone belied by the smile tugging at your lips. The two of you wander into the almost completely empty grocery store, snagging a basket before heading down one of the aisles. You’re browsing the available selection of snacks when you feel Hank tentatively lace his fingers with yours. Looking down at your joined hands, you look up at him with a crooked smile. 

“Don’t tell me this is about crowds, Hank,” you say and he flushes. 

“I-it-no. I wanted to-I really-it’s-” he’s fumbling over his words and he’s not quite looking at  you and it’s sweet and you sort of think ‘fuck it’ as you reach up to tilt his face down to yours so you can kiss him. When you pull back, his eyes are wide and his glasses are a little askew and you smile at him. 

“You can hold my hand without an excuse.”


Bad phone pics because I drew these in one of those adult coloring books at a coffee shop today, and couldn’t justify tearing out the page. It reminded me of some folks I know who make little paintings on stones and leave them around town, which is something I’d like to do someday.