AU MEMEJonghyun x MinhoTo close to love you
requested by Jongsey

Minho took a deep breath, feeling like his shoulder was on fire… he really was being stupid now, wasn’t he? Collapsing on the bed, he hid his face under his forearm, still feeling the older’s eyes on him, waiting for an answer.
“I know JJong… I know that pretty well… I just-” He stopped, thinking for the last time about their friendship, all the bad and good times spent together, all the things they had gone through… Yeah, the last time, ‘cause everything was about to change. He knew that, but this feeling was so stong, so painful, he just needed to do something about it.
Taking another deep breath, he continued: “It’s just that I’ve been thinking about this someone a lot lately. Little by little I noticed how they’re always in my mind and just… how much they mean to me.
They gave me so much, more than I could ever return and… I don’t think I can lie anymore; I don’t think I can hide this any longer, because… it feels like I’m just to close to love them…
To close to love you, Kim Jonghyun.”
He gulped, still not looking at the older one…