Spent a wonderful National Pi Day with the beautiful @dusttrace ! We started off with lunch at Roli Roti at the Ferry Building Farmers Market! We both went for the gorgeous Porchetta Sandwich!! Delicious rotisserie Pork loin roll wrapped in pork belly (yes! You read correctly!) w/ onion marmalade, curly cress & rosemary sea salt on an Acme sweet Deli roll! Amazing!! The pork was so tender & tasty - but crispy skin as well!! What?!?! I also had the CaraCara Blood Orange Aqua Fresco! The only thing I completely spaced on was getting the potatoes!! Drat!! I was overwhelmed by all the porky goodness when I got to the front of the line! You know, kinda like when you get the chance to meet that really cute guy/girl and your mind goes blank? Yeah, kinda like that. But I got the sandwich, and that’s all that counts! (oh! Btw, @holagato @superlumberjack this is what I wanted you guys to have when you came! So we’ll have to go again!) I wish this sandwich was like Pi and never-ending! #porchettasandwich #caracarabloodorangeaquafresco #roliroti #foodtruck #farmersmarket #sfferrybuilding @ferrybldgsf #ferrybldgsf #ferrybuildingsf #ferrybuildingfarmersmarket #food #myedibleworld #heavenonearth #gorgeouspork #piday (at Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie)

We also tried the Gyoza with Wings. They were ok, just regular gyoza, and the “wings” are kind of a little fried bit, but I didn’t really see the wings, and I didn’t notice any flavor or texture difference because of them. But they tasted all right, just nothing different. Maybe they should make the wings more prominent & change the name to Angel Gyoza? Because the name just makes me think of…well…something else. The wings did not make them soar. #gyozawithwings #waraku #japanesefood #food #myedibleworld (at Waraku)

So, @kortria had the Tonkotsu Ramen (which is what I usually order), which is made from scratch with a medium-strength pork-bone broth, lightened with a fragrant soy sauce blend. It was not the best ever, but it was good! Rich & “creamy” with a nice flavor, and this soup I liked just by itself, unlike mine, which was a little salty by itself. He ordered his Deluxe, so for a little more, he got ALL of the toppings: Chashu (simmered pork), Buta Kakuni (braised pork belly), smoked egg (half), negi (green onions), kikurage (cloud ear mushrooms), seaweed, spicy miso paste, moyashi (bean sprouts), bamboo shoots, & sweet corn! Orenchi is better, but I’m in JTown a lot, so it’s nice to have an alternative place to eat. I want to go back to try their mini donburis. #tonkotsuramen #waraku #japanesefood #food #ramen #noodles #myedibleworld #iloveramen #oodlesofnoodles (at Waraku)

Last night, we tried the brand new, Waraku, in SF Japantown, that opened a couple of Weeks ago. It’s a ramen place, and it was pretty good! It is located in the former Bushi-Tei restaurant space, & kept pretty much the same decor. I actually didn’t have ramen, but rather, I tried the Tsuke Men, which are dipping noodles in a tonkotsu and fish-based dipping sauce. I really enjoyed this! The soup was rich, with a citrusy flavor, and the noodles were like super thick chow mein noodles, and had a wonderful chewiness about them! I love my noodles al dente, so I liked these! The soup was actually on the salty side alone, but it was perfect with the noodles & not salty at all! Interesting! I had heard that their broths were bland, so I was ready to doctor them up, but they must have improved their flavoring, because they seemed to have good flavors. We did add a lot of the fresh-crush garlic on the table, which added a lot of great flavor! But I felt that this was more gimmicky than effective because it actually took a lot of time to crush each clove with the garlic press & scrape it off, etc., so our food got a little cold (only one crusher per table). I think a jar of crushed garlic would have been better & just as good. I liked the tanginess & zip of the citrus in the broth, so I found it refreshing. The smoked egg had great flavor, but was slightly overcooked, but still ok. Also, they had forgotten that I ordered a whole egg, but it was ok because she brought a whole egg, so I actually got 1.5 eggs! Bonus! I’ve not had this before, so I can’t compare it, but I would definitely have this again! #tsukemen #waraku #noodles #ramen #food #japanesefood #lovedemchewynoodles #myedibleworld (at Waraku)