The Truth in Labelling (Free-Range Eggs) Bill in Australia has passed the upper house but still needs backing from the lower house in New South Wales to become a federal law. Current standards for chickens are abominable as there are no government regulations or legally enforceable definitions for “free-range”, “barn-laid” and “caged”. The egg bill will enforce strict regulations on free-range production and will eliminate misleading advertising i.e. advertising, packaging, and labelling that promote free-range conditions must meet the requirements or suffer maximum penalties of 500 points or 6 months in gaol. But this bill is at stake as the Australian Egg Corporation Ltd have redrafted new egg labelling standards that will extend free-range eggs from 1,500 to 20,000 hens per ha… the Truth in Labelling bill is the only obstacle standing in its way!

Please CLICK HERE for a sample petition letter and all the emails of the members in the Assembly. Feel free to chop and change it to your liking so they take your stance into consideration when the bill comes to parliament next year.

For more information click here or here to see footage of what “free-range” conditions are like in Australia now.

And, sign this petition to urge giant supermarkets Woolworths and Coles to stop supplying “free-range” eggs that do not meet consumer demand and industry requirement.