I submitted a letter to mydrunkhart to give to Hannah

First of all, bless your heart for doing this for all of us! It’s honestly amazing.  Also, here’s a little bit of what I put in my letter, that I kindof wanted to share with all y'all Hartosexuals.  I’ll post the whole thing if you want, just ask. :)

You will never be just ‘that drunk girl’ to me, Hannah.  You are much more than that.  You are a guide, a muse, an entertainer, and, dare I say, a friend to me.  I consider you to be a close confidant, because even though I can’t talk to you directly, I can probably find a video where you’ll always say whatever it is that I need to hear.

Hannah I really do love you. In whatever way that means that I admire you and look up to you.  You inspire me and I will always remember you.  I hope I get another chance to meet you, because you are truly an amazing person. 

thanks for reading, guys <3