I cannot freaking believe that this is the same polish on all my fingers, it’s CRAZY!! I literally almost walked right into a coworker today because I was just staring at my nails and watching the colors change as I walked around!
Anywho, can anyone explain why I keep getting those stupid lines through my pictures? They drive me insane! 😠😠😠
Incidentally, I’m holding a tasty Bell’s Oberon!
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I was tagged by @ireneob318 for #mynailsandmydrink #mydrinkandmynails . It looks like my hand is some kind of claw lol. My polish is one of my #lemmingpolish that I broke down and bought. It is #sandybeach by #nailfabulosity. Now I tag @nailsbymaz @nailsbybigred and @alligat0rpie
Oh… My drink is my poor mans sbux iced coffee. 2 scoops instant coffee, 3 scoops sugar free Nesquick, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and ice.

Alright, that last picture of this mani was hideous (thankfully, only a few of you got to see it) so I decided to do a #mydrinkandmynails picture instead for my beer loving nail polish ladies! This is Whipper Snapper by 4 Brothers and is one of the beers the hubs & I picked up in #Wisconsin last week. It’s a super tasty wheat helles.