“Thank goodness you’re back! Are you alright?” said Hermione as she runs to Draco and hug him. Draco’s fearing heart lightened up for a bit.

“Yeah. Thank God I’m still alive. How about you, Dear? I was quite worried after Voldemort ordered some Death Eaters to find you and Harry,” beamed Draco.

He felt that someone was following him. His pale skin sensed a cold breath behind him that made him feel scared. When he was about to escape the room of fear, someone whispered, “Hello, Draco.”

The feminine voice sounded familiar to his ears. He turned around and saw that it was Hermione. Bloody Hermione.

“No, no, no! NO!” he shouted. He cast sectumsepra towards to the blood-soaked woman but the spell didn’t work. “I was just paying a visit to you, dear,” she moaned. He knew that he’s haunted by his dearest lover. Fear and regret were pounding inside his heart. He didn’t know what to do.

Tell me a I’m a screwed up mess and you don’t want my kiss: A Dramione Fanmix (again)

  • Tell Me a Lie - Kelly Clarkson/One Direction
    Tell me anything but don’t you say s/he’s what you’re missing baby If she’s the reason your leaving me here tonight Spare me what you think and tell me
    Tell me a lie.
  • Only If For a Night - Florence + The Machine
    And the only solution was to stand and fight, And my body was losing all the satellites,
    But you came over me like some holy life, And I know the whole story,
    You’re the only light
  • Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson
    Started with a perfect kiss then We could feel the poison set in
    Perfect couldn’t keep this love alive
  • If I Die Young - The Band Perry
    If I die young, bury me in satin Lay me down on a bed of roses
    Sink me in the river at dawn Send me away with the words of a love song
  • More Than This - One Direction
    I’m broken,
    Can you hear me?
    I am blinded, but you are everything I see