Call for art - Easter Art Treasure Hunt

Good day everyone,

We have MyDogSighs artist extraordinaire organising an Art Treasure Hunt this Easter 2012. Fun! Fun! Fun!

If you find yourself in Southsea, Portsmouth UK this April grab a map, look for clues and score an awesome piece of art.

If you would like to contribute, please email for details.

This free art event has been running for the last couple of years with great success. Let’s give the movement some support and drop a couple of pieces in the mail.

Check out the previous years’ submissions

If you ’d like to check out MyDogSighs’ personal work I recommend checking out these super Canmen!

External image

External image

Adios for now!


Photos from the Portsmouth Street Art Festival by Adam Reeves

The Portsmouth Street Art Festival went down on Sunday and as well as a huge turn out of local artists involved with Portsmouth Creative Movement there was a great turn out by the general public to see the artists at work. The hoardings are on the roundabout opposite the Police Station in town and really give the space there a splash of colour and life (particularly on a bit of a grey day like today).

Adam Reeves went down on Sunday with his camera and captured the action: