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This is Alfie, my little corgi/spaniel cross, he’s an old fella and today he’s gone to the vet for an operation, originally it was for his teeth, but they found a problem with his kidneys, because of his age they said there’s a very small chance that’ll he’ll wake up from the anaesthetic, it’s a risk we’ve had to take because we can’t make him live in pain, its the humane thing to do.

I’ve grown up with this dog and he’s like a little brother to me, I love him and fingers crossed he makes it through everything okay, not sure what I’d do without him. 

Let’s hope for the best!

I think the toughest part about finding a girlfriend now, is the fact that I have a dog. I get unconditional love and protection from my best 4 legged friend. So my best 2 legged girlfriend will have to win us both over. Which might be a challenge, since whenever I hug someone in front of Percy she barks at them like she’s cussing them out.
—  ISO a woman as loyal as my dog

Game Day. 💦💪🏼😭🐶👀😲 Okay, so the emojis explain this workout pretty well.

First you feel really sweaty and strong, like this workout isn’t going to break you.

Then, it does. You feel like crying, but you’re too tired to cry. Also, Shaun T is screaming, “Why you taking so long, RUN!”

Then, you get a little distracted by your dog.

Finally, none of that matters anymore, because you’re dead.

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