Breaking Bad is over but your natural is still addicted to the bad habits. Here are my tips and suggestions on breaking bad hair habits. 


1. Washing your hair in one big lump

Try separating your hair in at least two sections when washing or co-washing it wakes a world of difference. I’ve been washing my hair in sections for the past 4 months. My hair no longer sheds and tangles during my wash day.

2. Overuse of products

You don’t need to use the whole jar of styling gel, hair butter or whatever else you have stored in your cabinets. If you use a large amount of styling gels, butters, pomade and other holding products creates buildup on your hair and makes it more difficult to maintain between washes. Natural hair does not need to be difficult.

3. Lack of hair routine

Your hair needs a steady, stress free routine to grow and flourish. Try scheduling a wash day; moisture session, and scalp massage time with consistent products. You will see a dramatic change in your hair growth pattern.

4. Excessive weave wearing, heat styling, style manipulation and trimming

Nothing is wrong with wearing a weave, heat styling, style manipulation or trimming within reason, however, your hair will surpass your expectations the less time you spend subjecting it to being altered or suffocated.

5. Lack of nutrition, exercise, and sleep

A real hair dream killer is nutrition. If you don’t eat right don’t expect your hair to look right. McDonalds diet=McDonalds hair. Would you rather have fast shedding hair or slow flowing hair? The choice is yours. Figure out healthy eating habits that accommodate your lifestyle. Exercise helps with blood stimulation and sleep just allows your whole being to rest and repair. Without rest and repair your hair stays in despair.

6. Lack of Deep Conditioning and Hot Oil Treatments

You must deep condition properly and do hot oil treatments on a schedule according to your hair type. This will improve your hairs length and you will notice the difference in elasticity over time.

7. Sleeping without a silk, satin scarf or pillow case

Protect your tresses while you sleep or suffer in the morning with a dry head of bead like curls. Everyone who has had a natural has woken up with a brick head due to laziness. Avoid this to please your moisture-addicted tresses.

8. Lack of patience with your hair type

Your hair is as good as you make it to be. Healthy hair grows regardless of the curl pattern. Patience for your hair type is the first step towards understanding your growth and manageability.

9. Hair dresser and stylist dependency

Hairdressers can’t do and shouldn’t be responsible for the health of your hair. Get to know your hair and watch how it behaves. It is your head it’s attached to.

10. Wanting “GOOD HAIR”

Good hair is hair that flourishes regardless of the type or texture. You want “GOOD HAIR” treat it well and it will be good.


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On the latest installment of the interview with Link, fleas, you furbag!


Throw Back Thursdays!!!! Africa’s ancient hairstyles. Most are still worn today. Twist, dreads, braids mixed with clay, beads and other handmade accessories. These styles are a inadvertent source of inspiration for Naturalistas! The main product used to create and care for these phenomenal hairstyles is Shea Butter.
Shea butter has become a naturalista staple and kinky hair savior for a decade now. It’s a relevant product included in My DNA Hair Products. My DNA Moisturizing Hair Butter list Shea Butter as the second ingredient after water. My DNA Moisturizing Hair Butter hydrates and locks moisture into tightly coiled 4b/c hair, elongates curls and enhances sheen without a greasy residue. I wonder if our Ancient African Kinky Curly Queens would give @mydnacurls a chance…..

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The Mad Hatter's Book Shelves

Is it just me or did I fall down Alice’s rabbit hole with these?  Look how awesome these bookshelves are.  Just don’t try to put away a book when you are drunk or else this is not going to go well.  Twisted furniture pieces are a personal favorite and these MYDNA twisted bookcases from Joel Escalona’s furniture studio are it. Their unique, fluid shape and intriguing aesthetic are alright with me.

External image

Stick them in a boring old corner or place them front and center.  Either way, you are making a statement that your books aren’t boring and neither are you. 

External image
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