Teen Wolf AU - Fratboy!Derek Verse

In a world in which the Hales are alive and healthy, Derek grew up to be a very self-confident kind of cocky college student who enjoys living life to the fullest and not denying himself simple pleasures; like drinking with his fratboy buddies, playing sports, or, you know, gangly, awkward, sarcastic and nerd-tastic teenagers who catch his eye. Stiles is just here to study, thank you very much. He’s not going to be distracted by unfairly good-looking, charming and kind of arrogant fellow students who think the world revolves around them. He's not. Even when he discovers Derek isn’t half as dumb and a billion times nicer than he originally thought.

I Want To Keep You To Myself

I really like the idea that the reason Dylan only ever talks about Tyler’s hotness in interviews (as opposed to Tyler talking about Dylan’s everything) is because he wants to keep everything else he loves about Tyler private. Also, I wanted to write something for Hobrien week, and why not have that be my first RPF ever. Enjoy!

He’s never noticed it before until Colton points it out to him.

“Dylan sure does talk about how hot you are a lot,” Colton tells him over the phone while they are discussing when they can hang out.

“What? What are you talking about?” Tyler asks, completely thrown for a loop with the change in subject.

“Holland just emailed me the interview Posey, Crystal, and Dylan did. Even she’s getting tired of it.”

“I don’t–she’s tired of it? What do you mean?”

Colton sighs. “Really Hoechlin? How have you not noticed?”

“Noticed what?!” Tyler is tired of being confused and Colton really needs to start explaining himself.

“No interview with Dylan is complete unless he mentions how sexy you are or your hot abs.”

“He does not,” Tyler says, thanking that he’s on the phone with Colton, so he can’t see how red his cheeks are.

Colton snorts, “Uh yeah he does. If you don’t believe me go look for yourself.” Tyler can hear someone else’s muffled voice on the other line before Colton comes back on, “Hey I gotta go. We good for next weekend?”

“Yeah, of course. See you.”

“See ya,” Colton says and then hangs up.

Tyler slowly lowers his own phone, dumbfounded at what Colton’s just told him. He knows that in interviews he and Dylan often get asked about each other and their characters. When he’s answered, he’s always talked about how talented and funny Dylan is, how much he admires Dylan and getting to work with him. He’s been told it is a bit much, that his crush is so obvious, but it’s all true and he can’t help it.

But he’ll admit, he’s never paid attention to what Dylan’s said about him in interviews, especially when he’s not present. He goes for his laptop and searches YouTube for “Dylan O'Brien interview.” When the results pull up, he thinks briefly that it might be a bad idea to sit here and watch interviews of his co-worker he sort of likes more than as a friend, but Colton’s words and his curiosity win out and he plays the first video at the top.

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Domestic!Sterek. 2 of 2. This one’s for Becca, who requested sleepy Stiles. 

When Derek gets out of the car, it’s already starting to snow. It’s unusual for Beacon Hills to get snow of any kind - he can think of maybe three times in the past ten years - but this snow is wet and heavy, quickly blanketing the brown grass. If it keeps it up, there could be a foot by morning. Derek’s mouth quirks up at the corners. He wonders what Stiles will have to say about it.

Stiles has nothing to say, as it turns out; when Derek steps into the apartment he finds Stiles fast asleep on the floor, wedged between the couch and the coffee table, which is covered in open textbooks. He’s four weeks into his final semester of his senior year. Derek doesn’t wake him; he’s never seen anyone work as hard as Stiles does. He deserves a little nap.

Derek moves with all the quiet grace of a wolf, silently pulling a blanket off the back of the couch and draping it over Stiles’ slumped shoulders. He pauses there for a long moment, matching his breathing to Stiles’, inhaling the soft, comforting smell of him.

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Teen Wolf AU: part 1 | part 2 | part 3. After Derek loses his memory, Stiles goes to Deaton for help. He has to undertake a dangerous ritual to bring Derek’s memories back.

Fic by mydearsourwolf:


Stiles awakens to the cold press of metal digging into his shoulder blades, his body cocooned by dry warmth and the sound of steady breathing sifting through his ears.

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For Becca & Sam because I had a little panic attack last night and they were both so supportive and awesome. 

It’s been a rough week for Derek Hale. 

On Monday, someone in the building sets off the fire alarm while he and Stiles are getting intimate and they have to troop downstairs to stand with the rest of the building’ occupants. In their boxers. Sporting raging hard-ons. It doesn’t endear him to the landlord, a tiny old lady who eyes the two of them with a nasty expression that says I’m raising your rent and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Tuesday he gets a call from the foreman at the construction site of the old house, which is being razed so they can build a new house there, with the news that all of their permits have been revoked due to some stupid bureaucratic nonsense. He spends four hours at the city hall arguing with zoning coordinators and building inspectors and the fight ends with Derek flipping them off and stalking out of the building without getting anything resolved. 

On Wednesday nothing bad happens to him, but Stiles comes home nearly in tears because of parent-teacher conferences and some of his students’ parents are assholes. Derek wants to track them down and rip their heads off. 

Thursday he parks on the street while he runs into Darcy’s to get Stiles a slice of her coconut cream pie because he’s determined to make sure Stiles has a better day and Stiles loves that pie. Derek’s standing at the counter waiting to pay when he hears a screeching and crunching of metal and when he goes outside, container of pie in hand, someone has side-swiped the Camaro, buckling the metal so bad he can barely get the door open. At the shop, the mechanic tells him that it’s going to be five thousand in body work. Derek calls Isaac for a ride and forgets the slice of pie on the front seat. 

Now today is Friday and it’s not any better.

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