anonymous asked:

fav blogs im looking for more like you to follow

Mmmm, this is so hard…off the top of my head: dramatisecho, sallydonovanwonderlandinmymind, mydearchevy, freemanist, drwtsn, johnfuckingwatson, mrjwatson, skyelock, bowties-and-cheekbones, otterymary, holmesiswherethecrimeis, martyfreethrow, darlingbenny, sherlockgraham, lordkirk and many many more.

I should probably make a follow forever at some point…I just follow so many awesome people.

My little lights of the week:
  1. mrshaleydeanwinchesterackles (16%)
  2. ruedesarchives (15%)
  3. ssammys (8%)
  4. mydearchevy (4%)
  5. deancaneatmypie (3%)
  6. daaria (3%)
  7. catsiel (3%)
  8. cracksmyshitup (3%)
  9. iamsupernaturalsbitch (3%)

I think a lot of people need some love - here it is *mwah*)