actor meme

so this is like a version of a gif meme or whatever, except you pick one actor and do it all for that one person

1. role that made you fall in love -or- first role you saw them in

2. favorite character

3. favorite/best performance

4. favorite movie

5. favorite scene

6. favorite interview/appearance where they are not acting

7. favorite outfit/look (for a character or a real life appearance)

this is for anybody to use however they want and you can change it if you want to or whatever


Ahhhhhhhh so this is it! 2016 is finally coming to an end. What an exhausting year. There were so many things to be angry and revolted about this year but I think we (madridistas and especially Cristiano fans) can all agree that if there was one thing that put a smile on our faces and made us dream and forget about all our problems and the shitstorm around the world in 2016 it was football. Starting with Zizou taking over in January and giving us all a huge amount of hope, followed by winning La Undecima and short after, the very best gift football has ever given me, witnessing the dream of one nation coming true and seeing Cristiano lifting Portugal’s very first cup as captain. And after that we still went on to win 2 more cups, + all of Cristiano’s individual awards… (not to mention the fact that 2016 was the year I first saw Real Madrid playing in the flesh aksjdsjksjhsjhs)

In short, 2016 might have been the scariest year thus far in my life, but i’m so blessed to have football and this blog to come to to forget about everything and just celebrate with you guys.

Thank you for helping to make 2016 less heavy, I love you all so much! This follow forever is mostly for mutuals but i’m thankful for every single one of my followers and, while we’re on that note: thank you for 3 thousand followers! Never in my wildest dreams I would have thought this blog could be this big. My favorite part of it is seeing you guys’s response to my posts and mainly hearing from you and talking to you about the widest range of things, from happy things to sad things to annoying things haha So, honestly, thank you for thinking my blog is worth following I’ll try my best to keep it that way :)

Last but not least this is also to celebrate the two year anniversary of this blog and to say goodbye to my url @cristianoronaldocf because I will become @cr7 in 2017.

Ok so let’s get on with this: follow forever under the cut :)

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I’ve been running this blog for almost a month and a half now and 150 followers seems like a milestone worth celebrating (although Siegfried doesn’t look very happy here), so I decided to compile a list of some blogs for you to check (mostly my mutuals).

Thank you for sharing my interest in literature and history, for your nice messages, and for your own informative and entertaining posts. Hopefully you’ll find new sources of all kinds of things below.

In alphabetical order:

algernon-wyse * anawfullotoftigers * andrebagoo * angeltoska * anglosquare * apopyllus-now * arcadiaego * asplendidaffair * asyayay * bibliochor * carlopaulus * christopherrealism * classroominthewoods * cmissary * colossalvitalityofillusion * cor-inquietum * davidcorvine * deathisabitch * dmaurier * drop-da-bates * eaudewerther * ebparentheses * edinburghblogger * even-in-arcadia * evoquezcesgenerationsperdues * exsanguinationcontrol * fille-du-nord * fromthebygone * herautsurnaturel * honeyfred * ignite0me * ishervvood * islandadventures * jenpainter * knightsofsummer * larazontally * laura-silvae * lillyandliberty * limeys * linepainter * lord-kitschener * lucerei * mayakovsky6 * michaelgayland * mooncontramundum9 * mydearchevy * new–tomorrows * notaboutheroes * novemberfoxtrot * nyebevans * old-glory * ouphrontis * pablo-neurotic * prancy * pseudoculture * queerwatson  * recalled–to–life * redmayne-pontmercy * rufussixmith * scheisskaiser * sibyllae * siegfriedssassoon * sontagbloodysontag * tadeusch * thecrackedkettle * thecultoftheamateur * thelittlegreenpig * themastersbeard * thomastherhymer * tirezaveclesdeuxmains * trashofvenice * unarosaconlespine * underground-tracks * universeofviolets * velarapproximant * velociraptorwithaquillpen * warfilm * whalestoeletters * whaudens * whitespats * whyhellocynthia * wilfredowen * wolvesinthebay * wordsandshadows * ziggy-rigby

If you have any questions, comments, requests (within the scope of my interests/materials at hand + possibly something about Poland) – message me.

I’d also like to hear how you found some of your favourite writers/poets because such stories can be very interesting – you can send them to me (anonymously or not) if you feel like it ;)

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fav blogs im looking for more like you to follow

Mmmm, this is so hard…off the top of my head: dramatisecho, sallydonovanwonderlandinmymind, mydearchevy, freemanist, drwtsn, johnfuckingwatson, mrjwatson, skyelock, bowties-and-cheekbones, otterymary, holmesiswherethecrimeis, martyfreethrow, darlingbenny, sherlockgraham, lordkirk and many many more.

I should probably make a follow forever at some point…I just follow so many awesome people.

My little lights of the week:
  1. mrshaleydeanwinchesterackles (16%)
  2. ruedesarchives (15%)
  3. ssammys (8%)
  4. mydearchevy (4%)
  5. deancaneatmypie (3%)
  6. daaria (3%)
  7. catsiel (3%)
  8. cracksmyshitup (3%)
  9. iamsupernaturalsbitch (3%)

I think a lot of people need some love - here it is *mwah*)

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WAIT! You ship Wincest?! I never!

njdknfksjdfdskfnds I KNOW, I HAVEN’T TOLD ANYONE. It’s been my deep dark secret. Something I would NEVER share with tumblr. Who tells tumblr that kind of stuff, honestly? 

I felt it was time to come out of the proverbial closet. 

It was a personal choice. 

/deep sigh