actor meme

so this is like a version of a gif meme or whatever, except you pick one actor and do it all for that one person

1. role that made you fall in love -or- first role you saw them in

2. favorite character

3. favorite/best performance

4. favorite movie

5. favorite scene

6. favorite interview/appearance where they are not acting

7. favorite outfit/look (for a character or a real life appearance)

this is for anybody to use however they want and you can change it if you want to or whatever


make me choose: maraparkers asked:
open grave or oldboy [2013]

guys i’m just really excited for this movie coming out; it’s gonna have john krasinski (also directing), anna kendrick, sharlto copley, charlie day, josh groban, and mary elizabeth winstead and i am just so pumped i don’t even know what genre it is but i love all of these people and this is six of my favs in one thing so i’m excited no matter what

anonymous asked:

fav blogs im looking for more like you to follow

Mmmm, this is so hard…off the top of my head: dramatisecho, sallydonovanwonderlandinmymind, mydearchevy, freemanist, drwtsn, johnfuckingwatson, mrjwatson, skyelock, bowties-and-cheekbones, otterymary, holmesiswherethecrimeis, martyfreethrow, darlingbenny, sherlockgraham, lordkirk and many many more.

I should probably make a follow forever at some point…I just follow so many awesome people.

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I think a lot of people need some love - here it is *mwah*)


this is super ridiculous I’m sorry