“Two weeks ago, my wife was murdered. I watched her die, pinned to the ceiling of Sammy’s room, blood dripping onto his cradle until she burst into flames—looking at me as she died. The week before that, we were a normal family … eating dinner, going to Dean’s T-ball game, buying toys for baby Sammy. But in an instant, it all changed … When I try to think back, get it straight in my head … I feel like I’m going crazy. Like someone ripped both my arms off, plucked my eyes out … I’m wandering around, alone and lost, and I can’t do anything.”

“I want my wife back. Oh God, I want her back.”  

-John Winchester’s diary

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actor meme

so this is like a version of a gif meme or whatever, except you pick one actor and do it all for that one person

1. role that made you fall in love -or- first role you saw them in

2. favorite character

3. favorite/best performance

4. favorite movie

5. favorite scene

6. favorite interview/appearance where they are not acting

7. favorite outfit/look (for a character or a real life appearance)

this is for anybody to use however they want and you can change it if you want to or whatever

guys i’m just really excited for this movie coming out; it’s gonna have john krasinski (also directing), anna kendrick, sharlto copley, charlie day, josh groban, and mary elizabeth winstead and i am just so pumped i don’t even know what genre it is but i love all of these people and this is six of my favs in one thing so i’m excited no matter what

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fav blogs im looking for more like you to follow

Mmmm, this is so hard…off the top of my head: dramatisecho, sallydonovanwonderlandinmymind, mydearchevy, freemanist, drwtsn, johnfuckingwatson, mrjwatson, skyelock, bowties-and-cheekbones, otterymary, holmesiswherethecrimeis, martyfreethrow, darlingbenny, sherlockgraham, lordkirk and many many more.

I should probably make a follow forever at some point…I just follow so many awesome people.


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open grave or oldboy [2013]


this is super ridiculous I’m sorry