talktothemabari’s 400+ follow forever/blog recs!

400, holy shit! this is a massive thank you to everyone who follows me, especially for those that i couldn’t give a follow back to, i’m incredibly grateful for all of you :)

i have a few writers/artists/blog inspirations that i’d like to include in this because i absolutely love seeing their content/posts on my dash: @mermaidchimney, @omegastation, @anafigreen​, @moriesartworks, @jackiedrawings, @mydaydream-art, @dustiesmasseffect, @antivanruffles, @skyboneharper, @orangeflavoryawp, @vehlr, @inquirens, @actualheroofferelden

mutuals under the cut!!

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Think I’ll go back to my old url, since I think I’m confusing others lol. Also people on other sites know me as mydaydream and I’ve failed to secure this name anywhere else. Funny because I think Tumblr gave this username away and it belonged to someone else, if you see someone called username-blog it means they lost their url due to inactivity :o. I’ve lost urls before that way D:, I really do like this name tho~