-had therapy (post to come in a bit)
-saw a potential house
-took myself for a walk downtown in the public gardens
-sat in the sun and read down there
-bought myself Reese’s Pieces for later :)
-walked back towards my house in the sun
-stopped at a coffee shop for a London Fog and more reading :)

I am in my element…
*happy sigh*

What the majority of last nights dinner looked like. Today’s dinner was much more ‘normal’, just rice and veg. After a long run this morning and the normal boring morning goings on, I went to the farmers market to pick up some bread and then headed around the corner to a hardware store that had a discount on plants, so I bought myself 7 new plants for my room and a cute little cactus in a pink speckled pot I’ve called ‘Berty Beans’. After wanting plants in my room for ages (because a space is boring with out some plant friends) I’ve finally started my collection and it’s looking good! The rest of my day was basically spent reading in my hammock which I’ve been doing non stop these few days. I got through the first book in 3 days and now well into the second. How good are books though? Sometimes I go months with out reading a thing, then I pick up a book and remember how good (and also emotional and heart wrenching) reading is. Now all I want to do is read.

and make sure this year you don’t lose yourself and your identity for anyone. it took too long to find yourself again and no guy is worth being empty for so many months.

How Tumblr Saved Me From a Fuck Nigga...

So there’s this security guard at my job. He kinda weird, and he always creepin past my office when nobody is around. He stay rappin about some nonsense, and usually I don’t pay him any mind. But today, he felt extra talkative… This nigga was talkin about the weather, sports, his childhood, and I’m just over here like 

Anyway, as he talking his life away, I decide to scroll on my dash cause #fuckit  I don’t have it in me to be courteous anymore, that ship sailed 3 topics ago. So I’m scrolling, giggling at stupid shit, and then I accidentally hit a video. What video do I hit? One of this chick taking thee biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Her moans come through the speaker like it’s fucking surround sound. I’m stuck…My face like 

His face like 

We both like “shit…” I’m trying to hurry up and stop the shit, but then I look and see he look mad uncomfortable. So at this point I got one of two options. I can let the shit play and make him so uncomfortable he leaves (but run the risk of my boss coming in) or I can stop it and try to laugh it off. Once again…#FUCKIT I let the damn thing play. At this point, the people in the video all into it. Nigga on there gettin the sloppy top and I’m just lookin at him like 

Finally that nigga like “yeeeah, I gotta get back…they lookin for me.” I’m like “awww for real? Alright, well it was nice talking to you!” That nigga dipped like he was Speedy Gonzalez and I haven’t seen him since. 

Im more not sober than sober but tomight ended being fucking rad and even after getting cake.all up in my hair and takimg a shot with everyone i took a photo with it was a great night. Jumping into our heated pool at 10:30pm kicked the end of the night greatly. I couldnt have asked for a better family to a company me today. Dads speech brought my heart to tears as he started crying of joy but god damn i love this man. A lotta shit has gone down but we are getting past everything and ueah gbye

oh yeah i jumped in the pool in my clothes then had to strip to change into my bathers while in the water and i did it sucessfully i feel like a god