mydamncurls answered to your post “Birthday hair stress.”

omg my birthdays in 2 weeks, august 11th when’s yours, and I was going to do a flexi rod set!

Omg! mine too ahahahah! Like my heart is longing for a flexi rod set but it will be my first time doing it and I’m scared for it to go totally wrong ..

mydamncurls replied to your post “Hi! I have been wondering what kind of shampoo/conditioners you would recommend. Every time I go to Wal Mart or Walgreens, I have no idea what is good for Black hair because there is barely anything in the Black hair section. Thanks!”

Wait wait you make your own conditioner and shampoo??

yea i always make my own conditioners and i either do an ACV wash, or use black soap. my sis showed me her mix she does for her locs with black soap and oil and i LOVE it

mydamncurls replied to your post: My opinion on college so …

Omg your freshman year is very different from mine lol but maybe because I stayed home, don’t quit just yet you’ll meet people in classes and around campus and things will get easier!

lol yeah, you’re a freshman this year? that’s awesome though! And yeah i get what you mean, so far my second day has been like 200x more awesome lol