This is very true, and sometimes where I… and probably most people struggle. E.g having a burger and chips for lunch then coming to dinner and thinking ‘Well I’ve already messed up today so that’s just unfixable’. Well It’s not the case, say we did this six times a month, ate burgers and chips for lunch… Well then we would be eating 6 meals we regret a month, but if we follow it up with dinner, then that’s 12 meals a month we’re going to be regretting. Twice the fat, twice the salt, twice the sugar, twice the unhealthiness all because we thought it was too late. 

So, if you hate running but love dancing? Don’t do five days of running just because you think it’s the best option and hate it everyday, you’re more likely to loose motivation. Swap 2, 3, all the days even, for dancing, or whichever and if you love it, you will crave it, you will WANT to do it. And in my experience, I exercise better doing the things I love. This also applies to food, don’t force down those horrid Brussels sprouts when you know you love lettuce!

The thought of the next Day, Week, Month, Year, Lifetime of eating healthy freak you out so much you’re the Michael Angelo of the art of procrastinating? Well try to stop thinking like that, just think : tonight (no not tomorrow, leaves room for putting off!) I will have a healthy stir fry instead of ribs for dinner. Don’t even think ‘and then follow it up the next meal with…’ Don’t think anything beyond THAT meal. And suddenly the scariness of having to do that every meal for the rest of the week, etc. melts away, because at that time, it’s just that ONE meal.