URL graphic for Amy (killianemmaa)

Killian /KIL-ee-an/ - of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Killian is “bright-headed” ; “church”

Emma /EM-ah/ - of Old French and Old German origin, and the meaning of Emma is “entire” ; “universal”


URL inspired graphics captainswansjourney   

↳ There were a lot of options on how to represent this beautiful URL, in the end I decided to go with some “first & lasts” because I feel like the difference is fascinatingly beautiful. The first kiss is full of passion as opposed to their last being full of love. The first hug is rather similar to the “i love you” in that it was during stressful & emotional time, pushing Emma to be more indulgent than normal, their last hug and reunion is all smiles and happiness at being together again. The first time they held hands was a comfort, reassurance and warmth after she almost froze, but the last is for absolutely no reason other than want… They are just a couple walking down the street enjoying each others company, and the intimacy of holding hands.  Emma’s first I love you was born out of panic, a emotional reaction pushed to the surface because of their circumstances whereas on the complete opposite side of things her most recent one was during a peaceful time, a simple, comfortable and undeniable loving moment.

Not only that but all of the “lasts” are from the same finale, we’ve literally gone from getting awesome things happening every once and a while, to now getting them all  in one episode ❤