Stay with me

Emma had trouble sleeping because of a certain pirate.

It was 2 am and the silence in her bedroom was deafening that it seem to pierce right through her ears. Emma lay still on her suddenly too big of a bed, feeling all the tension in her body. She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh. She was supposed to be happy. She is. But something else is bothering her.

They had celebrated the naming of her brother only a few hours ago and she still remember the pure joy of her family and herself as they welcome the newborn baby. But her thoughts soon drifted to one specific pirate and Emma cursed herself.

She rubbed her temples and opened her eyes, staring at the ceiling. Memories of the kiss were etched in her mind and it was playing in her head like a damn movie. Her heart fluttered in her chest and Emma groaned.

It had only been a couple of hours since they’ve been together – since she felt his arms around her – but somehow, she can’t help but suddenly feel the need of him touching her and making her feel safe and loved.

It’ll be because you want me.

His voiced echoed in her mind and she felt the need to hear his voice again. Emma groaned and pulled her sheets over her head, suddenly feeling embarrassed with her longing for her pirate. She desperately tried to even her breathing because she will never give him the satisfaction of knowing how badly she wanted him. She could already imagine his blue eyes and his damned gorgeous smirk mocking her and she won’t put up with it. She just won’t.

But minutes have passed and she still wasn’t close to sleeping. Not even by a fraction. She almost pulled out her hair in annoyance, internally screaming for her sudden need.

She was not the needy type. Never that needy type. She hated to be the needy one. But she couldn’t help herself. She wants him. Needs him. Even the thought of him being away from her just suffocated her so much that even the thoughts of it made it made her want to throw up.

 So when the clock struck three, she got up from her bed, swallowed her pride and got to her car. 

The trip from her apartment to Granny’s Bed and Breakfast was short. Too short. When Emma found herself facing the door to Killian’s room in her red checkered pajamas, she hesitated. She closed her eyes and placed her forehead on the door, her knuckles only inches away from knocking. She didn’t even have time to think this through. But she did know one thing.

There was no way in hell that she’s sleeping. Not without him.

So she took a deep breath and gathered all her courage. And then she knocked.

When there was no sign of movement or recognition from the other side of the door, she motioned to knock again. She was abruptly stopped by the movements of heavy footsteps from the other side. Killian opened the door, his hair a ruffled mess and his eyes still groggy from sleep. But even then, he still managed to look beautiful.

And… Oh God. He was half-naked and she wasn’t expecting that.  Emma groaned, careful to look only at his face and nowhere else. She forced a smile but it looked more of a painful smile.

Killian blinked a few times before lightly rubbing his eyes. “Swan?” His voice was raspy from sleep that she almost felt guilty from waking him up. She should just leave and let him sleep again but her feet were glued to the floor.

Only when Killian lifted her chin to look at her eyes that she noticed that she was looking at his bare torso. Killian soflty chuckled, “Eyes up here, love. Is everything alright?”

“Uhh, yeah. Everything’s fine. It’s just… it’s just…” Emma swallowed hard.

His eyebrows furrowed, concern washing over his face. “What’s wrong, love?” He touched her arm reassuringly that instantly sent sparks throughout her body. She shivered. “Tell me what’s bothering you, Swan.”

“I… I–“Emma sighed, bowing her head in defeat. She needs him. She needs him beside her.“I just can’t sleep.” 

Emma was in Killian’s arms in matter of seconds. She melted in his arms instantly, exhausted from everything – exhausted from being alone. She buried her face in his chest, suddenly feeling home. “I don’t want to sleep alone anymore, Killian.”

Killian chuckled in her hair and Emma braced for the innuendos. But none came.

Instead, Killian nodded and picked up Emma in a surprisingly swift motion. She liked the way it felt – liked the way he carried her gently in his arms, liked the way her hands felt wrapped around Killian’s neck like a life line and liked the way he kissed her forehead as he carried her to his bedroom.

She almost fell asleep then.

So when he gently placed her in his bed, it took everything for Emma not to fall asleep. Emma rested her head in his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, loving the way it felt. She closed her eyes to savor the moment.

She felt Killian caress her hair.“As long as I’m around,” He placed a kiss on top of her head. “You never have to be alone. Not ever. Goodnight, love.” Emma smiled in content as Killian traced patterns on her back, hoping it’ll make her fall asleep faster. But he fell asleep way before her.

It was only when Emma felt the steady rising of his chest and the steady rhythm of his heartbeat did she whisper the words “I love you” before finally letting sleep take over. 


What I love about this part is that everyone behind them is doing the royal ball dance thing, but they are not. He brings her closer, takes her hand, he wants to dance with her and forget about everything. It’s like if they were the only people in the place. They are looking at each other and nothing else matters but them in that moment.

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