coldflashweek Day 1: Time Travel/Alternate Universe Travel

Closing the giant hole in the sky leaves Barry and Len stuck in the year 2186, which would be sorta cool what with the aliens and space ships and all, but unfortunately for them they landed just as the galactic invasion by an alien species known only as The Reapers is beginning.  If they want to have any hope of returning home, they’ll need to help save not just humanity, but the galaxy as a whole.

aka the Mass Effect AU

Katherine: I’m bored, and I’m stuck in here, in this stupid dress. 
Dean: Poor, Katherine. 
Katherine: You could always help me out of it? Might as well make the most of our time together. 
Dean: Sorry, but I prefer my women with a pulse. 
Katherine. Ouch, that hurt. 
Dean: Wow, and here I thought you’d turned off your emotions. 
Katherine: Don’t be stupid, Dean. That’s just folklore. Besides, I want to feel everything when we’re together. 
Dean: And I want to drive a stake through your heart. We don’t all get what we want do we. 
Katherine: I do.