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[fic] “So... what are we now?”

Thanks @daynaan​. I acknowledge your additional request not to make you cry. xD

Greg knew he should have checked the fucking box.

Looking back, he’d had a weird premonition on the morning the package arrived. Best check it’s the right ones… biggest night of the year… but he’d pushed the thought right out of his head.

It was the same company they’d used last year, after all. 

And boy, had they gone down a storm.

Peter Pan and his shadow - Mycroft had been Peter. Greg still got little shivers thinking about his husband’s endless legs in those slinky green tights. Greg himself had spent the entirety of the Halloween Party sneaking after Mycroft, dressed entirely in black, causing chaos and mischief at every opportunity. It had been amazing. They’d taken the top prize without a blink, and Sherlock - dressed grumpily as Batman, with his faithful Robin as ever at his side - had sulked for nearly a week.

Greg had never really noticed Halloween until he’d started dating Mycroft. That first October, he’d discovered the startling penchant for fancy dress. It made sense, though - the suits, the ties, the cufflinks - they were all part of the same urge. 

Mycroft liked to be looked at. 

And with Greg at his side, his playfulness unlocked, they’d been the talk of Halloween for years now. 

They were going for top prize again this year. 

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anonymous asked:

What do you think Mycroft's go-to tie knot is? I think it's mostly Windsor knots from what I can see. I quite enjoy Mycroft's wardrobe and yeah, I just wanted your opinion on it :)

I could be completely wrong but I reckon he uses a half-Windsor a fair bit (especially in S4) because the shape is off – (double) Windsor knots are large, triangular & supposed to be even on both sides.

These all look like half Windsors to me, they’re all slightly uneven & don’t have the bulk for a full Windsor:

These look more full Windsor-ish because of the shape & size (although I’m not too sure about the first one seeing as I can’t see half of it properly):

…aand I think I’ll stop there before I end up going through every single tie he’s ever worn.

gatissed  asked:

Could we talk a minute about his underwear as well...? Boxers or briefs? :D

Boxer briefs. This may be a controversial choice to some (practically every fanfic I read is like “silk boxers!”) but Mycroft is a practical man. He wouldn’t want boxers bunching up or his tackle waving around all over the place. Also trousers drape well with seamless boxer briefs (the most important Mycroft consideration of course).  

Maybe with a snazzy waistband or something, because y’know, this is Mycroft after all.

I shall include this image of Mycroft’s posterior for no legitimate reason as supporting evidence:

Case closed.

anonymous asked:

Do you think there is some secret significance to Mycroft's tie being different, or just a mistake, which would be surprising...? Given the attention to detail otherwise?

Oh good, the Great Tie Debate is back (I remember talking about this during setlock - it will forever go down in my mind as “that one time I got something wrong about Mycroft’s wardrobe” a shame I will never recover from)

(unedited screencaps)

Things I think:

  • Why would he change his tie between phoning Sherlock and the plane landing? I mean I know he’s a stickler for fashion but it literally makes no sense
  • If they were throwing in a detail to make you doubt reality in those TAB scenes, I think they probably could have gone one better than Mycroft’s tie (given everything else that happened in the rest of the episode) but who knows
  • Maybe there’s another plot reason for it that we just don’t know about yet (spilled coffee down himself in the back of the jag before Sherlock landed? Violently assaulted someone with his umbrella and got blood splatter on his tie? Place your bets now)
  • The most likely option in my mind is it’s just a wardrobe issue, maybe the original got lost or damaged or something. The tie in the special is close enough (but not really… colour: yes, pattern: no) to the HLV one. During my “acquiring Mycroft’s clothes” spell I remember looking for his HLV tie and struggled to find the original or a good equivalent so… maybe this. I dunno. Thinking about it troubles my perfectionist soul.

anonymous asked:

anyway back to mycroft: how do you feel about that new tie pin though

Bless you for asking, I am absolutely loving it. I’m glad to see a return to tie pins for Mycroft, they’re a good look on him. This one is especially great because it looks like he could stab someone in the eye with it if needs be.

I’m also loving that tie and pocket square. And the suit. And the shirt. And the colour coordination of this outfit. The whole look gets a solid 10/10 from me. 

Keep up the good work Mycroft. I look forward to ogling appreciating the rest of your sartorial choices in S4.

adler-holmes  asked:

since you've been posting a lot about mycroft's (or mark's) (i dont even know anymore. it's like they're starting to be one and the same) (but yeah, please don't stop posting about it. keep 'em coming) wardrobe, what's your top 5/favorite mycroft getups? :)

This is like my fantasy question *cracks knuckles*

(I’ll stick to five otherwise I’d just post them all)


THE suit. I love it and the all tie/pocket square variations on it, especially the one in HLV. The red combo in this picture is my favourite though.

(I also love this setlock picture, it’s like action!Mycroft is on a mission to kill someone with his brolly)


This is my absolute favourite of all the other ones.

That tie and pocket square will be the death of me. Also the cut of that waistcoat. And not to mention the pink in the fabric *breathes into a paper bag*

It’s so dandy and I love it to bits.



Gieves & Hawkes suit with a double breasted waistcoat. Need I say more? I have a Gieves & Hawkes problem.


I love the check in the fabric and I also love that tie & pocket square to death.


And last but no means least…

Bless Christmas Mycroft for the gift of shirtsleeves and the back of his waistcoat, it was glorious.

….Actually let’s call it six, because I must mention the coat:



A Scandal in Brollies

After that ask I got about the HLV/TAB tie difference, while I’m on the topic of Mycroft’s accessories I’ll share something I noticed today which may or may not have been blindingly obvious to everyone else for years but I thought it was vaguely interesting none the less.

ASiB is the only episode in which Mycroft uses both his malacca umbrella (from S1) and the whanghee one (S2+) in the same episode.

He has the malacca one in the morgue:

and the whanghee one in the rest of the episode:

Anyway I have no idea how this information will be of any benefit to anyone (apart from if you want to use it as a really niche pub quiz question), but there you go.


anonymous asked:

I felt like Mycroft set such a high suit standard for himself in season 3 that it'd be really hard to top that in season 4. What is your expert opinion on this?

Series 3 brought us some fine sartorial choices, that’s for sure. This, for example will be a tough act to follow:

As will this:

and basically everything else he was wearing in S3 but let’s just stick to those two or I’ll be here all day

I really, really want to see one of those two suits return in S4. Preferably the HLV one because the pink check in the fabric is 10/10 fine ‘n dandy and the cut of the waistcoat is a work of art. Also they need to bring back the polka dot tie and pocket square ASAP because yes.

As for topping series 3 we now have The Tux #confirmed which has been on my wishlist of Things Mycroft Should Definitely Wear since forever, so I’d be content with just that in terms of new wardrobe stuff. But if S3 is anything to go by we could get plenty of other new outfits too depending on what he’s up to, who knows. 

All I know is that the man would look good in a paper bag so chances are I’ll be happy with just about anything he’s wearing as long as it’s not jeans or sweatpants a la Shezza or something PERISH THE THOUGHT

anonymous asked:

I'm curious about what your least favorite fandom misconception about Mycroft is? Him being a redhead? Him being obsessed with cake?

As much as I am a passionate #NotGinger campaigner, I think the ultimate fandom Crime Against Mycroft is when people depict him wearing a belt with a three piece suit. 

Wearing a belt with a three piece suit is a sartorial sin without compare. Truly, truly shocking stuff. Braces or go home.