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“Give her some lines, she’s perfectly capable of starving us.”

Serial killer’s always hard… you have to wait for them to make a mistake.

Do you see their mistake? 

In The Lying Detective we see Mrs Hudson careen through London on a high-speed police chase in an Aston Martin. She points a gun, cuffs an addict, and wrestles him into the trunk of her car. She calls Mycroft a reptile and knows all the secrets to Sherlock’s heart. She is the salvation of series four as a whole. 

This is because she isn’t real. None of this is. None of this series is. 

“Give her some lines, she’s perfectly capable of starving us.” – this is what Sherlock says to John (himself) about Mrs Hudson in The Abominable Bride. Hudders was mad about being just a plot device in Dr Watson’s stories.  Sherlock internalized that and made a note.  

Which brings us to The Lying Detective. She was given lines. She was the superhero. Just like she should be in Dr Watson’s stories.

So who’s telling the story this time? Is it Sherlock still in his mind palace, “still falling”?  Is it John as an unreliable narrator, telling the story of his life with Sherlock from a point in the future? 

We know series 4 is one long fake narrative, but who’s telling it? 

I guess we’ll have to wait for secret episode 4 to reveal the storyteller. 

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What would Mycroft do if he fell deeply in love with someone, but they were previously in a bad relationship and are now scared of loving again?

He would diligently and carefully to work his way into their hearts.

Mycroft would make sure not to press any boundaries to make them uncomfortable and offer them counseling (that he would attend if they liked) but ultimately leave it up to them.

He’s in love so he won’t leave but he will stay by their sides until they’re ready and keep giving them unconditional love until they receive it in full.

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I wander what is Mrs Hudson's problem with Mycroft? She seems to almost hate him.

I think Hudders sniping at Mycroft always comes from a place of love - her love for Sherlock. 

Her problem with Mycroft is she knows that Sherlock is a much more sensitive soul that he lets on, and is therefore completely baffled that Mycroft doesn’t seem to (or want to) see it. 

She admonishes Mycroft because she’s frustrated with his coldness or apparently lack of empathy. She’s much more of an externally focused, emotionally intuitive type whereas he’s virtually the complete opposite. There’s a definite personality clash between the two of them.

I don’t think she hates him at all, I think she knows deep down that he tries his best to protect Sherlock. I just think she’s frustrated beyond belief that Mycroft is so out of touch when it comes to emotions. For her it’s blindingly obvious when Sherlock is struggling on an emotional level, but Mycroft just doesn’t seem to get it (or he chooses to discount it based on what he thinks he knows about Sherlock’s approach to solving problems).

I think Hudders and Mummy may something in common when it comes to Mycroft – they both think he’s seriously lacking on the emotional front. In reality he isn’t of course, he cares deeply, but his head always rules his heart and micromanages how he expresses his emotions. He expresses concern and caring in a logical, pragmatic way that seems alien, if not cruel to them (see: “I was trying to be kind”). 

So yeah, I think it’s more the case that Mrs Hudson is frustrated & baffled by Mycroft and would probably dearly love him and Sherlock to sit down and have a proper heart to heart. 

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So Mycroft knows how dangerous his sister is and has spent decades trying to keep Sherlock out of her reach - and now she´s in control, Sherlock is near, and the next thing you know, someone´s dead. Is it any wonder Mycroft´s feeling sick?

Fair point as well! Oh God this is really happening, flashback to all the childhood drawings of Sherlock with blood pouring from his neck…

listen, i’m not really tinhatting here but

mycroft, aka mark, calling our attention to this mess of an episode: this is inhuman. this is insane.

john, as the voice of the fandom: mycroft, we know.

Of Umbrellas and Phoenixes

So I watched the last season of Sherlock last weekend and couldn’t help but wonder where Mycroft had gotten his umbrella from and I came up with this little idea where he somehow knows Harry Hart. Does the timeline work? Most probably not, sorry for those that think of those things. But yeah, it’s set sometime after V-Day but before season 4 of Sherlock.

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Of Umbrellas and Phoenixes

If Mycroft Holmes is surprised to see a different Arthur than the one he’s used to see working behind the desk, it doesn’t show. Not that Harry truly thinks Mycroft doesn’t already know a few of the things that transpired at Kingsman during the events leading up and after V-Day. And even if he hadn’t known anything, he could have deduced some of the outcomes simply by how Dagonet greeted him today when he entered the shop.

They might be an agency that works at the highest degree of anonymity, but they do need a minimum amount of official backing. In the UK, it mostly means dealings with Mycroft Holmes.

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Mycroft Holmes in TFP

Thoughts on Mycroft in TFP

I know many others have done this, but I thought I’d put in my 2p about the characterisation of Mycroft Holmes in The Final Problem.  Obviously spoilers abound.  For more coherent meta thoughts please see @thediogenes, @enigmaticpenguinofdeath and others I’m sure I’ve missed.  

I’ve also had a fair amount of gin, so take with a grain of sand.

1.  At his home (The opening of TFP)

Mycroft at the opening, watching a movie, very deeply interested.  Nothing wrong with that, everyone needs a hobby, even the British Government. He appears to be engrossed in the film.  But he’s smoking, which to me, indicates an increase in his stress level. Something’s wrong, something’s coming. Perhaps he felt it too?  Perhaps Eurus was secretly taunting him as well and we were not privy to that information?  Or maybe he’s just done with carrying the burden of this secret for years and years.

He’s (to me) very keyed up, as he seemed to be expecting something to happen, as if what was going on wasn’t a surprise.  Problems at Sherrinford perhaps?  Maybe he had an inkling something was going on but wasn’t sure because everyone there was under Eurus’s power?

I see no issue with the sword umbrella, even down to the fencing stance.  This confirms my personal headcanon that he learned fencing young and perhaps was on a team at university.

I also see no issue with him being afraid of clowns.  Phobias are common.

Sherlock was a bit of a dick here, yeah, but well he got what he wanted, which was Mycroft scared shitless.

 2.  At Baker Street the following day

Ok, on to the following day at Baker Street.  I can see why he might hesitate in sharing this information about Eurus/Sherlock/his childhood.  He’s had to keep it safe and secret for so long.  Can you imagine keeping such a secret for what 30 years?  From not just Sherlock, but their parents as well.   It’s not going to be easy for him to share it and of course he’s going to be reluctant to share with John in the room.

His motivations surrounding the trigger words and whatnot in regards to Sherlock … .well in order to keep everyone safe (read: Sherlock) Mycroft had to do things that he didn’t want to do or perhaps found reprehensible, but on the balance of probability, keeping Sherlock’s memories locked up was probably for the best.

Now, having knowledge about the drone/grenade, I was more surprised that John didn’t immediately recognise a grenade, let alone Mycroft.  It doesn’t shock me that he has first hand knowledge of such things or has ordered them/seen them/used them/whatever.

(Yes, yes we need to have a bit of disbelief here about none of them having a scratch upon them after nearly being blown to bits.)

3.  At Sherrinford

Here we get into murky waters.  Many people have gone on and more eloquently than I about Mycroft’s reaction about having to commit murder.

The three of them at that point are in a very high stress situation.  While this shouldn’t be an issue for John at the very least (he was a soldier), Sherlock to some extent (we’ve seen him shoot CAM without blinking) we don’t know a lot about Mycroft’s past.  It’s been speculated that he’s a former MI-6 field agent, a desk jockey, a civil servant. It’s always been my personal headcanon that he was recruited while in university and entered into MI-6 and did lots of undercover work, liased with the CIA and, yes even carried out wetwork. We do know he infiltrated a Serbian mercenary group and rescued Sherlock.  I do believe that in order to do this he may have had to crack a few heads and definitely get his hands dirty.  Murder in this case would have been acceptable to Mycroft b/c 1. It was to save Sherlock and keeping Sherlock safe has always been his number 1 prime directive pressed on him by mummy probably, and carried on by him as he grew older. 2. They were mercenary scum working for Moriarty/other bad people and torturing his baby brother.  

(The only time this seemed to not occur would have been during TLD when Sherlock was on a {supposed} drug bender.  Was he on drugs?  Did we ever have any confirmation other than his own words, paraphernalia, or Billy’s presence?  A positive drug test perhaps?  No, we didn’t.  While the balance of probability proves that yes, Sherlock was probably out of his mind on drugs, I would assume that Mycroft was monitoring him somehow. Perhaps via Mrs. Hudson?)

So, when asked to kill the governor of Sherrinford he could not bring himself to do it in cold blood. He had no idea what was to come of course, and perhaps had he known, he might have done it.  

His visceral reaction after, the dry heaving?  Again, I know there’s been a lot of talk about this.  Personally, I believe there is a huge difference to killing someone in self-defence/to save a family member/loved one than watching someone kill themselves in hopes of saving a loved one.   It is also different to kill someone/watch someone take their life if you know them, and it’s obvious that Mycroft had had repeated contact with the governor over the years.

Again, remember, they are all in a high stress situation here and Mycroft reacted as a human being. John and Sherlock, while shocked, it didn’t seem to faze them as much.  Maybe this is down to how the scene was written and there have been many things written about the writing this season and in this episode.  I’m not going to comment on that, other than to say that there are some inconsistencies in some areas.

I think it is equally important to note that Mycroft does not react in the same way when the wife or the 3 Garridebs are executed.  

4. Encourage to kill or be killed

When Sherlock was forced to choose, my heart broke here.  Like many of you, I had not expected Mycroft to make it out of this episode alive.  I fully expected his demise in this scene.  As soon as he started to goad Sherlock about John, I knew what he was doing, taunting him, trying to make it easy for Sherlock to choose him over John.  He knew Sherlock needed John (and feel free to take that any way you want) and vice versa.  He needed to be the sacrificial lamb.  When he began to do up his tie, I was alternately sobbing and screaming at the television and my poor Mycroft loving heart was in shreds.

Out of character?  No, not really.  Again, Mycroft’s number one prime directive has been to protect Sherlock b/c he failed to protect him when he was a child.

5.  The end

The remainder of the episode is light on Mycroft, and we see him attempting to help Sherlock solve/deduce anything he can to help save them all from Eurus and get out of Sherrinford alive.

 I do have to say the ending with Mummy Holmes calling Sherlock the grown up and indicating that Mycroft should have done better, was well uncalled for.  Mycroft has always been the grown up and what more could he have done besides throwing Eurus down a well and leaving her there to rot?

Will we ever get any answers?  Who knows.  Will there be a fifth series?  I hope so, some day.  If not, we’ve gotten plenty of fodder for fanfiction for many years to come out of this episode and this season alone.   

On Mrs Hudson and John’s sexuality

The ONLY good thing that came out of s4 is that we see, textually, that Mrs. Hudson knows these men than they know themselves. I wish, and will wish forever, that the monologue at the end of TFP was narrated by Mrs Hudson instead of Mary. 

In TLD we get the scene where Mrs Hudson understands Sherlock’s emotional state better than even Mycroft. She knows where to find the Miss Me DVD while Mycroft is looking all over the flat for the ‘reason’ behind Sherlock’s decline. 

TEH shows us Mrs Hudson confirming what we all suspected, while John may be bisexual, he is homoromantic. Yes, John loves to have sex with woman, yes he loves to ogle women, but a relationship? A marriage? A life partner? John wants a man, and Mrs Hudson is frankly astounded that John doesn’t understand that about himself yet. 

TLD moments worth mentioning:

•Ms Hudson speeding while calling Mycroft.
• Sherlock’s walking route spelling out “fuck off”.
• Ms Hudson putting Sherlock in the boot of the car.
• Sherlock hugging John.
• John being salty that everyone refers his blog as Sherlock’s.
• Mycroft thinking he knows Sherlock better than anyone and Ms Hudson starts laughing hysterically.
• John wishing Sherlock a happy birthday.
• Sherlock dramatically reciting Shakespeare.

Mycroft: Baker Street? He isn’t there anymore, he’s got on with his life
Sherlock: What life? I’ve been away. Where’s he going to be tonight?
Mycroft: How would I know?
Sherlock: You always know
Mycroft: He has a dinner reservation at the Marylebone road.  

I’m sorry but Baker street is connected to Marylebone Road…where he has planned to propose..after supposedly getting on with his life??? hum ok…
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I got the map reference to show you

bbc sherlock [final day]  01. 01. 17 // season 4 countdown [x]

so, uh, hey

funny thing

remember how i said something about how if mary’s death was fake the scene of john in the cemetery at the end of the six thatchers could be him going to sherlock’s leaning tomb bolt hole?

and then i was going to post about why john’s affair was a red herring per valley of fear, but i couldn’t finish in time so i said i’d work on that after tld aired?

most of my thoughts for that one were vague “maybe we’re supposed to take this approach to solving it, maybe we’re supposed to take that approach” type notes

the one specific possibility i did come up with, though, was the idea that elizabeth from the bus stop may be connected to sherlock’s blind greenhouse bolt hole

but i mostly assumed i was stretching because i like the bolt holes

and now here’s a list of selected bolt holes including the blind greenhouse and the leaning tomb with the name elizabeth at the bottom

so i guess what i’m saying

is get ready for my triennial mental breakdown before a series finale