mycroft is tired of your shit johnlock

Things to look forward to in S4

Molly Hooper revealed to be the big bad (give us Queer Molly Moriarty)

Mary Morstan exposed to Mary Trollstans as unambiguously evil

The problems of your future are my privilege aka John Watson personally dragging Mary to the pits of hell

Moriarty vanquished for the final time (like seriously, you’ve overstayed your welcome, this Whack-a-Mole shit is tired and passe, goodbye)

Canon Johnlock aka our collective death, rebirth, and Rapture

Vaporisation of homophobic trolls in fandom

Things to cope with in S4

Mycroft dying

Hudders possibly being blown up in 221B (foreshadowing in TGG)

Greg getting shot by drugged / hallucinating Sherlock (see trailer)

Sholto not given closure, still pining for John / killed by Mary

Heavy duty Johnlock angst (scars, hostage by Mary / Molly / Moriarty, 3GAR)

Cliffhangers – yes plural – that would be resolved 10 years from now