The presence of fear does not mean you have no faith. Fear visits everyone. But make your fear a visitor, and not a resident
—  Max Lucado. Discussed in busting the trend of fear @ChapelRVA as part of the #MyCrazyFamily series.
My Family and their signs while watching a football game

Aries: (My younger brother) plays on his phone and occasionally yells at the TV

Taurus: (My Best Friend) Brings out the cheese dip so that everyone can have some, but ends up eating most of it

Gemini: (My Grandpa) calls up the relatives and brags about how well we’re doing

Cancer: (My Grandma) is ALWAYS yelling and complaining about the Referee’s call on the play

Leo: (My aunt) makes Bloody Mary’s for everyone

Virgo: (My uncle) thinks he’s an announcer and ends up explaining each play as it happens

Libra: (Me) Puts on my lucky jersey and cheers like crazy the whole game

Scorpio: (My cousin) Sits on the couch and stares at her phone, she has no interest in the game

Sagittarius: (My older sister) sleeps the WHOLE game

Capricorn: (My Mom) yells at my grandma for always complaining

Aquarius: (My Dad) Chats it up with my uncle and whenever we get a touchdown, cheers way too loud

Pisces: (My baby cousin) goes between crying and sleeping the whole game

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My oldest sister, and I mean 13 years older than me, has the best holiday card… dressed as Miley!!!! Can’t say we don’t have a sense of humor in my family. “May your new year be beary happy and sMiley!” “This card may have blurred lines of appropriateness, but it’s my card I can do what I want :-) ” #directquote #happyholidays #mycrazyfamily #mileycyrus #blurredlines #funny

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