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I made a couple of needlefelts of Loki and Darcy a few months ago and I took a picture of them to make as a valentine, but I only just now got around to taking proper outdoor pictures of them. Darcy is pretty much 100% wool and I added some black beads to her coat for the buttons, and some slight eyeshadow powder for her blush. The brown wool I was going to use for her hair was too light (more like Jane’s hair) so I mixed it with black wool to darken it. Her I really love how she came out and so I will not be parting with her, but if you would like your own Darcy, check out my commission information above.

Darcy Lewis © Marvel Studios

Too Long

I have gone too long
Without the touch of
Your skin, your face,
Your lips of dusk and fire
Like a patient sculptor
Of time, I ply my
Crafted words to your
Lovely modeled reveal
Where I learn the lessons
Of your crescent torso
Your face of longing
The crescendo of your thighs
As my breath slowly rises
To the warmth of
Your calm desire – I know
It’s been far too long
This absence from your
Home where the splendor of
Your radiance resides
It is your heart and mind
Your precious character that
I long for within all the
Softly flowing beauty
That is yours,
Just as you are -
Here now with me.

© K. James Ribble


And here is my end result making my first black salt! I had to modify a few things because I can’t practice openly, so I had to be able to easily hide it if someone came knocking at my door.

I broke up the charcoal in a plastic sandwich baggie and then put that baggy in anther. So I could crush and smoosh without worrying of popping and getting it on my floor.

After turning two things of lavender and a leaf of sage I added the ash into that along with my sea salt and other things it called for. The feather is what I used when I would pour it into the bowl to check and see how it was coming and the bottle is where it’s stored.

Out of sight and no questions~! 

Thank you to @witchella for answering all of my questions and giving me her DIY for this project! Link is posted below, i have many things planned for this stuff!


So y'all know, lately things been a little drab and negative. Drama here, ship wars, character bashing, people bashing.

We need a change.

And while I know I’m not a fan favorite, I want to make a positive change but I’ll need help. Me, along with some people who I told my plans before hand or read my apology letter to Jess, know I’m planning on making a fan week.

Not one that’s exclusively on Tumblr, but also twitter and if we get enough volunteers willing to help, Instagram also.

My goal is to promote community and make this a sort of thank gift to Jess and her crew, because lately, we been taking it for granted and upset as some of us can be, this fandom gotten to a point where fighting is more common than friendship.

The official date of the Fanweek isn’t set but there’s a deadline of volunteers helping out for it.

I’m setting the deadline for people who can volunteer for it a week from today, December 3rd. And I’m hoping the week to be between 5 days or 7 days.

We’ll give at least 2 week notice so fans can prepare and work on the prompts provided for fanweek ahead of time, not to feel rushed. We’ll have a specialized blog/twitter to reblog and retweet every content provided for the week, and don’t feel limited on what you can do– art, writing, music, video making, theories, etc? GO FOR IT. We want to celebrate us as a fans for a person who given us series and characters we love.

We aren’t perfect but we can try to make this fandom a happier place!

If you’re volunteering, please state why you’re interested and your skill set or experience with events! Don’t be shy.

P.s. if you volunteer and don’t get a chance to directly help out directly, it’s alright! There’s always next time and we need help with people promoting the event! You can still help by spreading the world. And giving suggestions won’t hurt once we set up the blog on tumblr.

Thank you for listening.


maker is watching you…. straight from my chest ;p

haven’t posted any cosplay progress shots for quite a time, mostly due to the busy time at uni. but i manage to reconcile my uni assignments with work on the costume c:

  • chest plate and greaves

all of it is only eva foam (and googly eyes for rivets ;p), i’m gonna stiffen it a bit on the back with 4-5 layers of wood glue and newspapers’ paper, then paint it with black and silver spray paints, and add details and shadows with acrylic paints at the end. to secure them to my costume, i’ll use velcro.