#mythoughtsaboutscenes : Something trivial but I like how in this scene, when Joe and Barry enters the house, Caitlin instantly gets up from her seat to greet them. Very respectful and good manners in my opinion (interesting that they add that in), cos you know you’re in someone else’s home and especially when an elder enters, you respectfully greet them.  Also, for a moment there I thought she was Like a wifey that welcomes her hubbie when he returns home, (who’s the husband is in this scene, you decide ^__*) especially with that baby-doll dress, it makes her look like she was preggers. XDD Seriously! Plus the hand gestures she made to pat down her dress misled me to thinking that haha…

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Hi, I just wanted to say you hiccstrid fanfiction is AMAZING!!!! I love it so much!!!❤️ I was wondering, if you're taking request, could you do another jealous Hiccup fic please? Jealous Hiccup is like myCRACK!!! Also this is my first ask and I'm nervous😁

Sorry for the wait! (and no worries you’re totally okaaaay. Ask away anytime my friend! <3 :D) Post HTTYD 2. 

Two and Love Makes One

“You’re jealous, Hiccup Haddock.”

“I’m… displeased.” Hiccup sulked, arms crossed and eyebrows dipped low, gaze hardened on a random piece of metal fluttering on the floor. “I don’t like how he’s getting all nudgey nudgey with you- didn’t he see us holding hands?”

Astrid snorted, to which Hiccup at first thought she meant she agreed wholeheartedly, but after a quick glance her way he discovered with a blush that she was refraining from laughing outright.

“Well I certainly don’t see what’s funny about this.” Hiccup grumbled, rolling away from the wall and clicking over to a table, hands distractedly playing with some tools. 

Astrid wiped her hand across her face, but he still caught sight of her smile. “You, Hiccup. You’re acting like a six-year-old.” 

“I’m acting like a boyfriend.” Hiccup pointed out gruffly, frustrated beyond reasoning. “I don’t like a strange guy touching you, okay?”

“He didn’t touch me.”

Hiccup rolled his eyes, slamming a clippers onto the counter top angrily. “Well, I don’t like him talking to you then.”

“Hiccup, calm down, okay? I don’t see why you’re worried, we were only talk-”

“He was outright flirting with you.” The last three words were spoken loudly and solidly. He looked at her angrily, flinging one of his tools up against the opposite wall and watching it bounce against the floor, crashing into a barrel and sending water skidding.

Astrid fell silent, her eyes wide, all mirth gone. Expression now filled in all seriousness, she stepped forward and spooned him from behind, her head resting against his shoulder blades.

“I’m sorry, babe. I’m just trying to keep a neighboring chief’s son… quiet. We don’t need a ruckus.” She murmured.

Hiccup sighed and nodded ever so slightly, his hand rising to rest over her clasped ones. “I just don’t like it.” His voice was gravelly, more nasally and deeper in his shaky sternness. He didn’t like Seil even remotely close to Astrid, so a whole afternoon of the two exchanging battle techniques, with Seil tossing flirty comments throughout the entire session? He’d nearly ripped his hair out. The guy was worse then Snotlout had ever been, and the fact nearly had Toothless holding onto him by his britches to keep him from beating the crap out of that arrogant heir. 

“Do you know how painful it was today?” Hiccup muttered. “Watching him hit on you with every sentence?”

She nodded against him, “It was bad, wasn’t it?”

“Not to mention he kept staring.” Hiccup moaned and dragged his hands down his face, reliving the scenes in his mind of Seil staring at Astrid’s… well, more curvy areas. It had him gagging and shouting threats in Italian from the sky. (Toothless once again covered for him, quickly flying off to a lonely sea stack as Hiccup shouted foreign profanity.) 

Astrid patted him reassuringly. “Don’t worry, it’s all over now, they’re leaving tomorrow so things will return to normal, and next time anyone comes again, I’ll officially be yours.” She nuzzled her nose into his neck, breathing in his scent with a loud inhale, making Hiccup’s skin tingle. 

He twisted his head and pressed a kiss to her chin, making her squeal in surprise. She made an effective comeback however, pressing her own kisses to the back of his neck, right underneath his hair. He moaned quietly and tapped his prosthetic against the desk, silently urging her on. 

She paused, giving him time to spin around and kiss her properly. They were light innocent kisses, the kind he loved and cherished. But soon they began to trail down her jaw and neck, because he knew they made her giggle silly and it was the only thing that sent her into such a fit. Therefore meaning he was the only one who could make her laugh from tickling.


Astrid groaned and tried to shove away, but Hiccup pinned her roughly against the table, continuing the treatment. “Hic-Hiccup, s-someone’s coming…” She mumbled.

He kissed her again, tilting his head to the side in mock innocence. “Yes..?”

“I think it’s Seil.” She whispered, hugging him closely so her head rested against his chest. “Mm, one last kiss for the night?”

“Only one?” Hiccup asked pitifully. “Ast-”

“He’s a guest, we shouldn’t be seen kissing.” 

“Gr, let him come.” Hiccup growled, kissing her forehead, which soon turned into trailing kisses down her nose back to her lips.

Seil’s voice drew nearer, “Hey, Chief, father’s- OH GODS.” his voice rose to an almost inaudible squeak, causing Hiccup to smile against Astrid’s cheek.

“Hiccup.” Astris hissed in his ear. 

With an impatient grumble Hiccup pulled away- but only slightly. Just enough to not be leaning against her face any longer, leaving them merely hugging. He rolled his eyes and looked causally at the shocked Seil standing int he doorway. “Yes, Seil? I’m a bit busy…”

The man blinked owlishly, hand loosely holding the sword in his hand, weapon forgotten. “U-u-uh… um…”

Hiccup pulled Astrid a bit closer, quirking an eyebrow in Seil’s direction, a silent dare.

Hiccup glanced down, only to grin when he saw Astrid’s satisfied smirk towards the hopeless Seil. 

“So?” She demanded. “What is it?”

Seil blinked a couple more times, before stumbling back with a mumble, “Nothing- never mind…” with that, he took off down the street away from the Forge.

“Problem solved.” Astrid said with a dust of her hands, smiling proudly at him. “Goodnight kiss?”

She leaned in and pecked him on the mouth, but he barely responded, still grinning widely. She laughed and hugged him quickly before trotting to the doorway, where Toothless was shaking his head in exhaustion over this human silliness.

“G’night, my little Chief. See you in the morning?”

“Bright and early, west coast.” Hiccup murmured in reply, giving a small wave as he watched his girl run out of sight. 

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