🔱I had a ton of fun at #animesouthwest with all of my friends! It was great to see all of my good friends and meet some new great ones too!🔱
I’m so excited and pumped to work on the upcoming cosplays I have planned!

Elsa belongs to @coloradocharacters and was handmade and is absolutely amazing and I feel blessed to have worn it! Thank you Shelby!!
Howl is my dear friend @smackaroney

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💙⭐️We’re Beach time fun buddies !!!!⭐️💙

My little brother is visiting the west coast and we HAD to do even alittle bit of cosplay while he was here!! We’re still planning to do rose and Steven but I’ve had lapis done for like… A very long time… and it was easier to throw together!!! Also a big thank you to my darling eclair for photo shopping my body from the neck down blue and Xies wig dark brown!! Saved me a lot of time and trouble !!!