💙⭐️We’re Beach time fun buddies !!!!⭐️💙

My little brother is visiting the west coast and we HAD to do even alittle bit of cosplay while he was here!! We’re still planning to do rose and Steven but I’ve had lapis done for like… A very long time… and it was easier to throw together!!! Also a big thank you to my darling eclair for photo shopping my body from the neck down blue and Xies wig dark brown!! Saved me a lot of time and trouble !!!


Family time Gaiden selfies from Anime Expo!! + Bonus creepin’ papa in last photo

I wanted to wait until we got shoot photos back but I’m very impatient ; u ; I hope you guys don’t mind me posting those later. I’ll also be making Sakura’s movie outfit to wear when we all watch it together <3

Sarada is the cutie Cassey 

Sakura is me, Miss Steak Cosplay

Sasuke is the boyfriend, Soushike Cosplay

We’ll also be doing a surprise SasuSaku thing next week to make up for missing SasuSaku month hopefully (I was out of the country for July :’) )! Thank you for your continued kindness!!