Last day to vote is Oct 30th


Hello corgi people! I managed to contact everyone who submitted photos, I think there’s only a handful of people that I can’t get a hold of due to incomplete / wrong info. 

I am blown away by the quality of replacement photos pouring in, I cannot promise all of them will get publish, I’ll be sorting 1K plus photos during my 14 hr flight to Asia this weekend :) Please remember to send them in before your deadline.

Depending on the number of qualified photos received for the 365 calendar, those who missed the deadline may*** get a second chance to submit their photo (slots will be very limited). I’ll make an announcement sometime next week.

Update on the wall calendar:

Thank you for voting, last day to vote is Oct 30th. Once the votes are in, we’ll work on post production and get ready to print. Thanksgiving ETA is still on track.

Can you tell me who made the 365 calendar?

No, but I will - once the calendar is complete, please respect my inbox :)