Deadline is Sept 21

Thanks for reaching out!


Share your ART with the community near and far, be present at our first opening and edition of our gallery space located right in the facility of Smugtown Mushrooms!

Art and farming shouldn’t be separated, they inspire each other!

You’ll be featured during Sept 23 Open House, Autumnal Equinox, Community Class Extravaganza!!

We honor the artists requirements but ask contributors to offer Smugtown 40% if youre selling your work, otherwise we also dont mind just showing your beautiful work! The day we are opening our gallery, its also a huge event to raise money in many ways to build out our new facility. We are starting from scratch AGAIN! So we need your help!

So much is brewing to get this day created and organized. Cuz this is what we do and we LOVE throwing a good time for education, food, love, mushrooms, art, music and everyone’s creations!

Spread the word and hold tight for the FULL line up of vendors, contributors, artists, educators & musical acts! So much to do and we cant wait!! Lets celebrate, we have a space!! WOO WHHOOOOO!!

Thanks for the interest