Vegan Bacon - Mushrooms, Paprika, Garlic Powder, and Your Oven

Vegan Bacon – Mushrooms, Paprika, Garlic Powder, and Your Oven

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Sometimes I do not have morel mushrooms to eat, and this perturbing situation makes me a little cranky. In these moments, I scramble to find a savory, umami-rich mushroom recipe that will soothe my aching heart until spring comes and morel huntingbegins. This vegan bacon recipe, which uses mushrooms in place of pig-bits, has done much to ease the pangs of my morel-less kitchen these past few…

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Boletus frostii #mushroom from Oconee State Park, #SC Frost’s Bolete was brightening up the trails this weekend.
These are edible. The taste is very much live lime juice cap texture is soft but the stem is firm. Best with seafood or pasta not cooked in a cream sauce to take advantage of the citrus tang. #ediblemushrooms #mycophagy #foraged


So I just went ahead and sautéed a small portion of the hericium abietis (bears head tooth fungus) I found yesterday in some garlic and butter with my breakfast.

I’m confident in my identification of it. What bolsters my confidence is the knowledge that literally all of its look-alikes are in it’s family, are choice edibles as well.

I sampled 3 different sizes. A very young specimen, a slightly older specimen and a specimen that looks like it is nearing the end of its growing stage.

The youngest got a bit crispy but the flavor was a bit overpowered by the garlic. The second was tender with also a lot of garlic absorption and a hint of lobster. The largest was legit juicy and tender yet not soggy, flavor unique and unabashed.

I’m no student of the culinary arts, but I’d call this mushroom delicious.

It can be cultivated easily too so you bet once we have some land I’m going to grow my own. Wild patches can recur for up to seven years as well.

I’ll eat some more in two days if all goes well.