some days you walk into your apartment, realize how freezing it is, wander into your best friend’s room, find her in a blanket burrito, go back to the kitchen to grab a bunch of food, change into an old oversized sweatshirt, turn on the wedding date, and crawl right in bed with her.

also: it’s raining outside.

psst: updated my playlist and my favorite blogs page. here’s the list of my favorite blogs (in no particular order) in case the link is finicky:

quality people with quality blogs.

i’m here for you. in sinking sand, just grab my hand and with all i have, i’ll hold on. oh, when push starts shoving, you’re left with nothing. just know we’ll always be family. after all that we’ve been through, i will walk with you.

shal, sam, and me. they are the very best things to happen to me and the biggest blessings i have ever received.

fifteen days until i get to run and hug them so hard that one of us will eventually be lifted off the ground. i will be crying, i will be shaking, but i will feel whole again. they hold 2/3rds of my brain and of my heart and i can’t wait to be the three of us again.