#Latepost from Wednesday night’s surprise/adventure for reaching our first stepping stone of our relationship. Ran all over town to put everything together and it didn’t help that you kept asking so many questions! LOL. I’m glad you enjoyed the surprise and that the night went without a hitch. ☺ Thanks @sarasaradinhdinh for your assistance! #mycommunist #firstofmany #baxa (at Santana Row)

This girl right here is my reason for smiling and for being happy. Yeah, we have our differences and we clash at times but she’s worth it all. This is what we’re like and what she brings out in me. Thank you for never judging me and always being so understanding. You know I got you babe. 😘 #BaXa #EmOi #MyCommunist Thanks for the photo @jaetabora @eho408 and hope you enjoyed dinner! (at Yard House)