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My Cloud Player v8.1 is released on Google Play

Whats new: 
- Autoplay next track when ChromeCast is enabled (optional)
- Added Prev/Next buttons in notification
- Added Prev/Next buttons on lock screen

- Reworked UI
- Blurred artwork background added. Can be disabled in settings

- Other bugfixes and updates

My Cloud Player changelog:

- Fixed Sleep Timer on older devices

- Bugfixes for older devices

- Backwards compatibility down to Android 2.3
- Added RTMP support. Media Error 1004 should be gone now.
- Added this app in default actions for Audio files
- Synced track artwork with background
- Fixed Clear Current mPlaylist
- Fixed goto Current mPlaylist button in left menu


My Cloud Player for SoundCloud v14.3.1

Probably the best SoundCloud app for Android.

Download the app for free from Play Store:…

Music player powered by SoundCloud with scrobbling support with ‘Simple Scrobbler’ app.

Explore and listen music from SoundCloud just like on any other music player, save and share playlists and much, much more.

Basic Features:
- Search tracks, sets, users and groups
- Listen Stations (radios) created by users
- Explore by preset or custom genre
- Explore tracks (recent/trending/featured)
- Explore users (who to follow/friends/by activity/by favorites/latest users)
- Browse user’s tracks, likes, sets, groups, followings and followers
- Shuffle and Repeat mode
- Equalizer
- Manage current playlist (drag artwork to reorder, fling to remove track)
- Playback control widget
- Remote media buttons support
- Low battery comsumption
- Automatic play/pause on headphones jack plugged in/out
- Automatic play/pause on incoming call
- Search suggestions, voice search
- Save state, the player will continue where you’ve been before (even after reboot)
Advanced Features:
- Login with SoundCloud account (web connect or 'In App’ username/password)
- Get updates from your Dashboard, Stream, Activities
- Integration with Simple Scrobbler (supports and
- Charts, most played tracks in week, month or custom time range
- Play history
- Manage likes, reposts, followings, joined groups
- Add track to playlist
- Add track to set
- Manage set tracks
- Manage playlist tracks
My Cloud Player Turns SoundCloud Into A Music Player App - hypebot

By Eliot Van Buskirk of For some music fans, SoundCloud is a panacea. From the latest EDM mixes to the latest pre-release “leaks,” SoundCloud hosts a crazy breadth of musical content. However, it was designed more for uploading and sharing than pure music consumption. Much like SXSW, SoundCloud was originally designed for music creators and industry types, but music fans have gravitated to it in droves. If you are a SoundCloud devotee from the fan side, as opposed to from the artist side, and you use an Android, we’re hard pressed to think of a reason that you wouldn’t…